Leave Me Out Of Your Inadequacies, Sylva Cautions Dickson

By Julius Bokoru

It has come to the notice of Chief Timipre Sylva, leader of the APC in Bayelsa State and former Governor, that Governor Henry Seriake Dickson has, once again, placed his shortcomings at the foot of Sylva. This time, like over a thousand other times, Dickson has accused Sylva of causing 'mayhem' in the state which, clearly, is a figment of Dickson's warped imagination

What puzzles Sylva most is not how deeply untrue and infantile Dickson's statements are, but the fact Dickson may have finally developed a complex over Sylva, a complex borne out of Dickson's awareness that he is a classless opportunist who will never measure up intellectually, socially and morally to Sylva

If Dickson saw it fit to spend even a third of the energies he spends obsessing over Sylva on the task of governance before him, the state would have been better for it.

Dickson can simply be described as a grand patron of criminality in Bayelsa state. He has turned the state Government House into a shelter for all criminals chased out of the APC . These are criminals such as Mr Perekeme Kpodo who is currently standing trial for rape, Timipa Orunimighe and Africanus ukparasia both who have been at large for multiple murder of APC members on the directives of Governor Dickson to scuttle the August 2017 APC rally .

While the APC and its leaders in the State are purging criminals out of its fold , Dickson and his lowly Government welcomes and celebrate them as he is building an army of criminally-minded elements to unleash terror on members of APC in the State. This can be confirmed in his statement when he threatened to take the law into his hands by mobilizing his people to arrest Hon Israel Sunny-Goli . The question is who are his people that he wants to mobilize? The guess easily becomes his private army of criminals whom he also sent to resist the arrest of Mr Victor Isiah who is wanted for multiple murders and brigandage.

Dickson's penchant for violence is only matched by his hypocrisy and primordial capacity for brute mischief

Lest we forget, on March 30th 2015, Dickson personally led a gang of thugs to attack a Federal High court in Yenagoa, an act which was caught on camera and extensively circulated on the media. That unabashed show of violence scored a new low for the office of the Governor Of Bayelsa State. Even as governor, his instinctive appetite for violence could not keep him from personally partaking in that assault against Lawyers and Judges of a Federal High Court

It is also on record how security operatives loyal to Gov Dickson killed over eleven natives of Amassoma who were only protesting the arbitrary sack of thousands of Bayelsa state workers whose only crime was to be thought apologetic to the APC

On February 29th 2016, on the instruction of Gov Dickson thugs were unleashed on elderly pensioners protesting their five months pay in front of Government House. Reducing octogenarians, who should be revered, to pulp is another unbelievable low. Ours was supposed to be a society where elders are venerated, but Dickson's orgy of violence is not a respecter of revered conventions

Dickson has attacked the judiciary, he has attacked the elderly, he has attacked unemployed graduates, he has attacked women in Amassoma, he has attacked the civil service community, he has fatally attacked on countless occassions members of the APC, he has attacked activists in the state, he has attacked media practitioners and has ostracized entire communities. Only a man with a fetish for violence can cast a net of violence over the very state he ought to be governing

Apart from APC members who are being killed on daily basis in the State by Dickson's army of criminals , other top politicians have been killed too such as Former Chairman of his very own PDP, Mr Pamo Hobobo , Mr Ebikeme Okiringa ( former leader, Kolga legislative arm ) and the Former Secretary Bayelsa State Electoral Commission, Chief Simeon Akpane. We challenge the Governor and his Government to come out clean on all these various murder cases and give the status of their various investigations .

The case of those killed in Brass is a murder case and not a political case.The fact Dickson is desperately trying to cast a political theme on what is a clear cut murder case is another affirmation that we have a man morbidly interested in death and disaster, a man clearly oblivious of the value of human lives.

Accusing Sylva of submitting a petition to the police unveils Dickson’s prepuberscent mentality and his constant attempt at cheapening human lives. His last victims in Brass are not mere numbers, (Peter George and Kelvin Ikurusi) are not mere names. They are Bayelsans, they are sons, they are natives of a locality. Sylva would have no reason whatsoever to submit any petition to the police, and so, excuses himself from such wild claims. Dickson should know by now that Bayelsa State is filled with regular people hoping justice finally sets on him.

It beats one’s imagination that a man who claims to have a legal background would feel panicked by the police going about its simple procedures of investigating a string of murders? Or have we now completely lost our morality that series of murders in the state should go unresolved? However ghastly politics might be, loss of human lives can never be explained away on its alters

Dickson who has set Bayelsa state on reverse for the last six years with gross incompetence, mediocrity and innate naivety should own up to his glaring inadequacies instead of depleting state resources in fighting imaginary enemies.

Julius Bokoru
Media Assistant to Chief Timipre Sylva