Goodbye August 2018- a doomsday Month

By Alexander Opicho

Bye bye thirty one days of August 2018
You have been so awful a visitor on man
Snatching away lives of man and all that breath,
It's not spurious; you came you ate , you conquered

All that we held as treasure of our hearts! We the living!

In a style, you scooped away V. S. Naipaul the saint of letters,

Not even sparing man a minute more of Annan Kofi
The soft spoken garrulous black angel of global peace,

You were so ravenous not to skip steel in the Muscles

Of un-shit-holed McCain John the citizen of un-blemishable

Not even minding to contrite your swallow of the un-mournable,

Ugly you looked; when you visited horror on the callous flesh

Of Bobi Wine in Kampala, leaving him mute and wraith-like in stature

August you are the metaphor of time in which roar the Bears

Of tyranny, sickly-social justices marauding in august tune,

Too, you led history dance back and forth at seas and walls

Barracking loudly at barricade between Mexico and America

Courtesy of fortune that nothing broke-down to shame

The heads wearing the crown with poverty of sleep,
But lo! Down in my village and hamlet; you ate the very august

The only son of our time, Paramount Chief Chestmore Khisa;

The son of Khandundi, daughter of Kituyi, son of Khayongo,

In gnomish fullness you ate him in tune of time as you did others

In the nefarious accuracy of your physics never erring;

Caesar and his concubine Cleopatra. Karol Wojtila the Pontiff,

Only not to mourn Wamalwa Kijana, the Anglophile son of Kenya,

Or the peak of Uthamaki, Jomo Kenyatta then miring in the powers that were,

August you are the most prime and very august
Among the twelve daughters of the year
Among the sires of Rome and his calendar,
But you are not only the temporal testimony;
That time is real
Time is a hole,
-Time is a metaphor,
Time is a pataphor
Time is a Dadaism vectoring around
Like a deathly torque that eats not
Those that wallow in the lowliness of Nobility,
By-Alexander Opicho
(From Lodwar, Kenya)