Re: N45 million Form: Buhari Is Breaking The Law

By Dr SKC Ogbonnia
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It was revealed yesterday that a group purchased the nomination form for my primary opponent, President Muhammadu Buhari. The President ought to reject the form. If he accepts the form, it contravenes Section 91 (9) of Nigeria’s Electoral Law (as amended): “No individual or other entity shall donate more than one million naira (1,000,000) to any candidate”

In a recent letter to Chairman Adams Oshiomhole, I enumerated the consequences of exorbitant nomination fees, especially coming from a progressive party.

"Cost of Nomination Forms: So many figures are being bandied on the media, ranging from 1 million to N55 million for cost of nomination forms. My campaign is willing and able to pay any amount, within the law, for the office of the president... However, not everyone is able. Therefore, for other electoral offices—besides the office of the president—I strongly appeal to the party to reduce the nomination fees to the barest minimum so that individuals, particularly the youth and women, who aspire to run for office can afford such fees." (SKC Ogbonnia, September 1, 2018).

As at the time of this statement, I am yet to receive a reply. Since the deadline is Monday, September 10th, 2018, I am committed to paying for my form, but it is only fair that President Buhari does not break the law to pay for his. I expect our great party to ensure a level playing ground throughout the primaries.

Dr. SKC Ogbonnia
APC Presidential Aspirant