Dear Kalenjin Leaders, Stop Disturbing President Kenyatta about the 2022 Kikuyu Votes

By Alexander Opicho
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Let me start by correcting the Newspapers in Kenya on how they often misuse the word Rift Valley; It is evident from the top-page headline of the Daily Nation on 16th August 2018 that the word ‘Rift Valley Leaders’was used to signify Nandi politicians, who had yammered that President Uhuru Kenyatta must whip the Kikuyu voters to vote for William Ruto come 2022 presidential elections. So, they were Nandi politicians, but not Rift-Valley political leaders, that are carping all over the places that president Uhuru Kenyatta must instruct his Kikuyu community to vote for William Ruto as a payment for the past two terms the Nandi-Kalenjin voters have voted as a block for the presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta. The carping is precisely limited to the Kalenjin voters who are tribesmen to William Ruto but not evident anywhere else in the Rift Valley parts of Kenya that is made up of Luhyia Nations, Turkana Nation, Samburu Nation, Gikuyu Nation, Maasai Nation and the Kisii Nation. Thus the Newspaper headlines in Kenya should stop misleading the public about the tribal fallacy of politics embraced by the Kalenjin voters by loosely using the word ‘Rift Valley’ only to wrongly implicate very many other communities free from neurosis of tribal politics.

Now, let us turn to the political center-piece of the day; it is a serious political fallacy to ask a certain tribal community to vote for you because your tribe has been voting as a block for the man from that community.The elements of fallacious thinking comein due to the palpable fact that voting must be an individual decision not an act of tribal euphoria or nationalist chauvinism. Technically; there is no any contract law that permits one tribe to go into an agreement with another tribal community tobe voting for one another in turns. Such an agreement if at all it exists can only take place amongyoung lads from the same ethnicity looking after community cattle near the river, and still the lads will have feasibility of such an agreement perfected by it being applied on looking after cattle but not ona society of over fifty million modern people forming a nation called Kenya.

Dear Kalenjin Politicians, this how to think about voting for William Ruto in 2022; let him pray that God gives him life up to that time of election, let Ruto serve all Kenyans indiscriminately, let him be clean in his public services to Kenyans, let him be tempted not into any corrupt deals, let him pray that the ICC case does not crop up by a sudden successful appeal before 2022 or any court case cropping up about property acquired in a corrupt way, and finally let him as well as his foot-soldiers show respect to Uhuru Kenyatta, he(Uhuru Kenyatta)has ruled Kenya for ten years without thinking about series of the past tragedies that have befallen his Kikuyu people in Kalenjin-Rift Valley. But above all else, let him(William Ruto) avoid exclusive thinking in form of Gikuyus voting as a block for Kalenjin and in turn Kalenjin voting as a block for Kikuyu, but instead,let Ruto put his record on the table and then ask for all Kenyans to vote for him. If this will happen then it will deny mankinda political gimcrack of the 21st century that Kenya would have exported to the world.

Dear Kalenjin Politicians, I dare you to read Plato’s Republic and Machiavelli’s Prince on how they explain the law of power and forming of the state. Plato wrote that, an injustice done to an individual is a crime but when done on an entire society is a fashion. Similarly, this is what Machiavelli wrote for the Medici in his Prince; ‘when you get on to power, the first thing to do is to finish (eliminate) the one that helped you to get power.’ I believe if those yapping and carping about kikuyu votes for Ruto can read these books, they can somewhat get some therapy out of their currently observed neurotic thoughts about Kenya’s National Politics.

Alexander Opicho writes From-Lodwar, Kenya - [email protected]