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National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Officers Petition President Buhari To Sack Boss Over Reign Of Terror, Massive Corruption, Conspiracy With Barons

By The Nigerian Voice

Nigerla's antirdrug trafficking officers sent aletter to President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, calling on him to sack the chairman of the National Drug Lau Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mr. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah, over massive corruption and connivanoe with drug barons.

The officers, in the open letter sent to Today News Africa in Washington DC, said Mr. Buhari should save NDLEA from going into oblivion. “Abdallah has demonstrated an extraordinary level of indifference to the rising rate of drug and substance abuse among the youths of our country. He has completely abandoned staff welfare, promotion and the war against drug barons," read the letter signed by Musa Ahmed Yusuf on behalf of concerned officers.

“His stock in trade is the illegal diversion of the statutory allocation of the Agency to selfish and unproductive foreign travels. Mr President, we have confidence in you but it is important for you to identify and eliminate bad eggs like Abdallah with a high tendency to derail your second term bid,” they added, using the same means they have been communicating with this newspaper.

In the elaborate letter, the officers enumerated Abdallah’s transgressions one after another, and concluded that he had become a liability rather than an asset to the fight against drug trafficking in Nigeria. The open letter to Mr. Buhari was the culmination of anger by the officers who had written to the media several times in the past months m'thout any action from Mr.

Buhan' who is seeking reelection, and has shown no interest in dealing m'th massive corruption beyond his public declarations.

It is pressing for you Mr President to prove your love for the youths of our beloved country Nigeria by putting an end to the reign of terror and shame in the NDLEA. Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah is one regrettable appointment of the ruling All Progressive Congress party due to his lack of direction, greed and corrupt tendencies that is driving the Agency into oblivion. Abdallah has demonstrated an extraordinary level of indifference to the rising rate of drug and substance abuse among the youth of our country. He has completely abandoned staffwelfare, promotion and the war against drug barons. His stock in trade is the illegal diversion of the statutory allocation of the Agency to selfish and unproductive foreizn travels. Mr President. we have confidence in you but it is important for you to identify and eliminate bad eggs like Abdallah m'th a high tendency to derail your second term bid.

Administrative Inaction
Abdallah‘s interest in stagnating officers in one rank has defied all administrative explanations. An average officer has three promotion arrears yet he is complacent. This has left officers traumatised and psychologically disadvantaged to confront drug barons. Abdallah blatantly refused to conduct promotion for officers who are long overdue in one rank. The 1,311 list of officers promoted in J uly 2018 is a ruse on the public. The affected officers could not celebrate because they joined the service six years ago and by the NDLEA regulations they are due for two promotions. Rather than give them double promotion, Abdallah gave only one promotion m'th effect from January 2018. The implication is that they are to forfeit the balance of 3 years of service to the callousness of Abdallah? This is sickening and highly disgusting. He also deliberately did not promote other officers who have three promotion arrears. Abdallah is one mistake too many. He is the only chairman since inception that comes to work two or three times in a month and that is when allocation is released. This is horrible for an Agency saddled with the Very important function of drug control. The purported relocation of N'DLFA headquarters from Lagos to Abuja by Abdallah is a big fraud. First, the Abuja office is yet to be furnished, the officers that moved to Abuja have not been given an allowance and the Ikoyi office has suffered power cut for over two years.

Operational Ineffectiveness
There has been a sharp decline in the number of drugs sell/ed since Abdallah took over in 2016. In 2015 the agency seized drugs weighing 903,624.56kg but when Abdallah took over in 2016, it drastically plummeted to 263,947.57kg and 309.713kg in 2016. His strategy of lack of promotion, poor welfare and lack of running cost to State commands is a grand plan to stagnate officers, demoralise and make them unable to launch attacks on drug barons. His secret romance with drug barons is weird. The Agency today has been reduced to petty raids on smallstime cannabis dealers. Major cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine operations are now memories of the past. The frenzy of clamping doun on clandestine laboratories that produce methamphetamine as well as the large quantity of cocaine and heroin seizures at the seaports is now history. Drug barons are celebrating a great season ofboom under Abdallah.

Financial Recklessness
The monthly allocation of the Agency is about 43 million naira. This has been going into the private pockets of Abdallah for the past three years under the guise of flimsy foreign travels. Abdallah travels almost every month and he can attend a mere drug abuse workshop in London and United States but will never iisit the relatives of officers attacked and killed in the line of duty. The sum of fifty thousand naira (N50,ooo) only given to families of three officers; Onwumere Nicholas, Peter Ebun and Abdulrahman Musa who were shot dead in Kogi State on October 13, 2017, by gunmen is still fresh in our memory. As we write, Abdallah is yet to provide succour to the families. This is

highly insensitive. Over 60 officers have died under Abdallah, this is the highest number of mortality since the Agency was founded. The most painful aspect is that none of these heroes has been paid their entitlement yet he is the most travelled chairman. l-lis level of corruption is simply unprecedented.

The Way Forward
We are calling for the immediate sack, probe and prosecution of Abdallah. We demand immediate verification of every allegation, the lack of promotion of officers, the lack of payment of overhead cost to commands since 2016, illegal and incessant foreign travels, the non payment of benefits to dead officers, the tacit lack of attack on drug barons, poor attendance of 2 or 3 times in a month, abandonment of Ikoyi office, rising cases of drug abused etc.

There should be proper placement of officers to clear the backlog of promotion arrears and payment of all benefits. We demand the immediate payment and national honour of all fallen heroes The release of running cost to State commanders. Resumption of surveillance and raid operation on drug barons suspended by Abdallah.

signed Musa Ahmed Yusuf, Concerned Officers

Find below full list of dead oflicers under Abdallah in the past two years with their rank and last station.

Jibrin Alhassan Kadnna Command
Afolam John A Kwam Command
Mohammad Chabiri Aishatu Bomo Command[
Okereke Okezie Imo Command
Etuk Roseljne Akwa Ibom Command
Sunday Afam Plateau Command
Ahmed Abubakax Bomo Command
Onukak Patricia Bassy Lagos Command
Iorver Felix Akumave Taraba Command
Abanum Raymond Edeli Delta Command
Yahaya Godjye Dodos che Command
AChube David Sunday Benue Command
Liman Salisu Ahmed Taraba Command
Balogun Erastus Osho Ogun Command
Akinfemiwa Sunday Femi Lagos Command
Faruk Ibrahim BauChi Command
Salele Suleiman Kaduna Command
Bala Aliyu Umar Bauchi Command
Hassan Hasana Sokolo Command
Joseph Lu Gombe Command
Oyede Abdul Ogun Command
Suleiman Bala Fakai FCT Command
Andogwu A Nicholas Adaman Command
Dalyop Julius Pam Plateau Command
Birabi] Gbaxadon 0ndo Command
Saxah Yakubu Nasaravm Command
mam Babajo David Plateau Command
Kama Thomas Kebbi Command
Akhere Man'a Lagos Command
Janet T. Oyenuga Lagos Command
Oti Philip Orim Kogi Command
Nicholas Ommmere Kogi Command
Ebun Peters Kogi Command
Abdulraman Musa Kogi Command
Bot Christopher Nyam Plateau Command
Emel‘enini Cornelius lmo Command
Eludaiye Salihu Kogi Command
TlmoLhy Isaaos Lagos Command
Abdulaln Mohammed Ekiti Command
Abdul Isa sham Borne Command
Sanusi Abdullalal Osun Command
Achibong Peter Taraba Command
0digie Felix Plateau Command
Abdul Gani3u Ishaq Adamawa Command
Falodnn Fumflayo Ogun Command
Bello Stephen Madike Lagos Command
Abdul Ibrahim Wazid Sokolo Command
Adeoye Onifade Olayiwola Rivers Command
0mo Mamns Lagos Command
Cambo Musa Osun Command
Aminat Hassan Seme Border Command Iagos
Ameachi Kenneth Edo Command
Anthony Oshogwe Cross Rivers Command
Ibrahim Dada Kogi Command
Monday Fada Lagos Command
Kadiri Adesola Ramom Ogun Command
Tijam Tajudeen Adebayo Abia Command
Yashim Danladi Lagos Command

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