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200,000 Kenya Universities Students Stage Protest Over MP Kyagulanyi’s Detention

By The Nigerian Voice

London: Following the brutal and violent arrest of an opposition Member of Parliament (MP) for Kyaddondo East constituency in Uganda, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu who widely known by his stage name ‘Bobi Wine’, the leadership of Kenyan universities has urged all students to convene Thursday, August 23, 2018, at Uhuru Park, at 10:00 am for a peaceful march in the capital Nairobi Kenya.

President of Kenyan Universities Students’ Organisation (KUSO), Antony Muchui Manyara, who also doubles as Chairman of University of Nairobi Students’ Association (UNSA) has called on all the university students in Kenya for a peaceful protest against Gen Yoweri Museveni’s military forces that arrested and brutally torture Hon. Kyagulanyi, his colleagues and scores of other opposition politicians. Several supporters opposition in Uganda were arrested and detained in various detentions last week in Arua town, 497.6 kilometres northwest of the capital Kampala-Uganda, whilst on their final leg of the by-election campaign trails.

According to KUSO President, Muchui Manyara, he estimate about 200,000 marchers from all Kenyan universities to take part in the peaceful procession to the Uganda Mission in Nairobi.

He said that: “The much-desired East African cooperation and free space surely doesn’t just stop at trade and business ventures between the member states, but should mean watching out for all involved and as a start; Kenya Universities Students Organisation will rally its 200,000members to the Uganda Embassy in Nairobi, to speak the students’ language to Ugandan authorities to release Hon. Bobi Wine.

“The student fraternity and the youth of this country [Kenya] have watched in utter dismay the frustration, humiliation and detention of the talented and visionary youthful Ugandan political leader, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine over fictitious and fabricated claims by a despotic regime,” said Muchui Manyara, adding that: “We can’t just sit back and pretend as if everything is right.”

In an exclusive telephone interview from Nairobi, the KUSO President Muchui Manyara, said that: “As it goes, failure to speak out against evil in our region, it’s like an endorsement of that evil and we are all aware of the fact that we won't be in office forever and during this time, we must make the best of our time in service and stand by what is right.”

“Hon Kyagulanyi is our icon as youths in the entire East Africa and we want to deliver our message to the Ugandan authorities, in a language they will understand,” said Muchui Manyara whilst responding to a question why cornered as Kenyan students who are almost 656.8 kilometres across the borders and away from where Hon. Kyagulanyi was arrested.

Manyara said that, if he were to meet and interface with Gen. Yoweri Museveni, among the complaints would be: “Gen. Museveni scores quite poorly in matters of human rights and freedom of expression. He needs to embrace the youthful vigour seeks to create a better democratic space in Uganda and Africa in general.”

Mr Manyara said that as youth leaders in the Great Lake Region, we have an obligation to voice our concerns against human rights abuses even when they're beyond your borders.

Manyara further said: “Indeed Yes. Standing by what is right goes beyond borders and even continents; the world is a global village, they say.”

According to Manyara, Kemyan students came out for the first-time, at least officially; because there need to sustain this kind of solidarity by the youths in the region.

“This for sure is just the beginning. The youth have decided to take their rightful place in everyday matters that affect them in one way or the other-across the borders,” says Manyara.

As youths’ leaders in East Africa, Manyara says that be it personal and group developments, the youths stand better chances of transforming the region as well equipped leaders of tomorrow.

Manyara explained that among the achievements by petitioning the Kenyan Parliament and this kind of peaceful protests, the pressure that will come with it will surely attract the attention of the concerned offices and they'll have to stop their tyrannical intimidation tactics to the youths.

The youthful Kenyan, Manyara’s message to the focal sponsors of such aristocratic rulers in this digital world is that: “The youth of this country, region and continent have grown sick of their moves and very soon, youthful global protests might land at their doorsteps.”

Manyara added: “We all have a moral duty to stand by what is right and never to be accomplices of evil.”

“While the Kenyan youth and students family have no stake and vested interests in Uganda’s politics, we do openly take issues with the denial of basic democratic space of a youthful leader embodying and sharing in the common man’s vision for a better society and we shall come out strongly and boldly to stand by what is right and demand that the Ugandan government releases Hon. Kyagulanyi,” says Mr Manyara.

Meanwhile; several Ugandans in some major European cities have organised similar protests to demand the unconditional release of Hon. Kyagulanya, other members of Parliament and all opposition supporters who were arrested early last week.

United Kingdom: - Thursday, August 23, 2018: The protesters will stage at Uganda House, Trafalgar Square, Central London at 12:30 hours (UK time) with red-as dress code.

The Netherlands: - Ugandans and Friends of Uganda onThursday, August 23, 2018, in Amsterdam .

DENMARK: -Friday, August 24, 2018: Copenhagen at Copenhagen Central Station.

GERMANY: - Saturday, August 25, 2018, in Munich, Ugandans AND FRIENDS OF Uganda will convene at Karlsplatz (Stachus), at 16:00 hours up to 18:30 hours. The marchers will gather at Karlsplatz and walk down street up to Wittelsbacher. Deress code Red.