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A World Cup wager between the US and UK ambassadors has ended in stalemate.

America's ambassador to the UK and his British counterpart had bet a steak dinner on the England v USA game.

Brtain's man in Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, had said England's chances of losing were the same as how he liked his meat – “rare”.

But Robert Green's howler in front of goal saved US ambassador Louis Susman from having to fork out. The 1-1 draw means they will now split the bill.

England were considered favourites to win the match on Saturday evening, and when captain Steven Gerrard put them ahead after four minutes, Sir Nigel may have thought the bet was as good as won.

In his Foreign Office blog on 10 June, he had written: “If England win, Ambassador Susman buys me lunch at a steakhouse in DC; if the US pulls off an astonishing steal, I buy him a fine lunch at a London pub.

Members of the US and England teams hugged during the match

“As Britain's Ambassador to the United States, I will tell you that I am supremely confident about England's chances on Saturday.”

However, his chance of a meal at the American ambassador's expense slipped away when Robert Green spilled a limp shot from USA striker Clint Dempsey over his own line just before half-time.

The transatlantic bet, brokered by aides, is now off but the pair will still meet up for dinner, Mr Susman says.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, he said: “We are going to get together and go 50-50 on some meal somewhere because it was a draw.”