This Is What Amuriat Needs To Do To Sort Out The Fdc Mess

By Abbey Semuwemba
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If witnesses were all that was required to "prove" anything we'd be in a lot of trouble. The way some FDC MPs and people in the opposition are attacking Besigye, one may think that he has really done something heinous, like murdering or raping someone. That's why I have always gone by the advice given to me by my dear departed granddad who said "Don't believe everything you read and only half of what you see". There are people out there who are evil and just enjoy tarnishing others.

Besigye maybe a 'sellout'(as some MPs are openly telling us) and a peddlebum, but at least he has, over the years, stood up to the dictator and their puritanical ways.The difference here is: the Muntu group (curse 'em) have no spine or cojones; Besigye (bless him) has a spine and cojones.The Muntu group were afraid to go on streets during the WALK TO WORK protests, and always too afraid to go after the peccadillos of the police and NRM. Besigye, on the otherhand, has been on streets fighting for us, faced teargas, arrested as many times as we kill mosqutoes daily, his relatives driven into exile, taken fear out of Ugandans,e.t.c, but all we get from his opponents is that: he is bad, he is an obstacle to democracy, he is working for M7, he bangs Ingrid Turinawe when Winnie isnt around,he hates Bobi Wine, e.t.c...what kind of nonsense is that?

It realy makes me laugh when there's all this crow-cawing over "AMURIAT IS A SHADOW" and that Besigye is the one in charge, when the very people complaining don't attend meetings called by the new FDC president; they undermind him for every chance they get; they refuse to depart with their financial contributions to the party because Amuriat is working with Besigye, e.t.c. It looks to me like the intrigue in the FDC is all matter of payback and whose got the balls, and I dont like the way some MPs have handled it, especially coming out on social media making live videos exposing the problems within the party.

My hunch is that the MPs openly fighting Besigye and Amuriat now are going to continue doing so, and will eventually leave the party. They aren't influential in the party in the more because if they did, they will be taking their fights in the party committes, and its the reason they have gone public-- to seek public sympathy. Party infighting is normal and it happens all over the world, but how its handled is the most important thing. In the 1950s, Ignatius Musazi lost control of the Uganda National Congress(UNC) party because he chose to go with the flow, especially the appeasement of the Buganda movements at the time, and this sidelined him from the original aims and objectives of the ANC. That's how Milton Obote eventually took over the ANC, allied with rebels of ANC that had formed their respective parties, and then formed UPC. Incidentally, among those 'rebels' was John Kale(Kaliisa), the late father of the Gen.Kale Kayihura, who had opened up a ANC office in Cairo. If Musazi and Abu Mayanja had continued with the party objectives of fighting for the interests of all Ugandans, the rebels wouldn't have achieved much.

Therefore, FDC must go back to the drawing board, and stick to the objectives of why it was formed. Let them not get distracted by 'haters'. Attacking Besigye because he is more popular than the rest, doesn't help anything or anyone. The guys handling enforcement of party discipline must get to work immediately, even it means losing some members. To emphasize this, all those MPs openly attacking the party must face the whip. FDC elders must swing into action to reconcile the different factions within the party. Yes, every party in Uganda,including NRM, has got 'moles' and we shouldn't let them destroy such a young party. Mugisha Muntu should be put to a task to issue a statement explaining his relationship with those fighting Amuriat. He either distances himself from them or the party must say 'goodbye' to him. Those who want to walk out with him, should do so. The earlier Patrick Oboi Amuriat does this, the better.He must show that he's got the balls!

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"Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism, and find criticism subversive." - Henry Steele Commager 1902-98