Support special needs children-SAN urges FG

By Regina Onyegbula

Rotimi Oguneso, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) has called on Federal Government to support children with special needs in Nigeria.

Oguneso made the call at the 2018 OLG Health Foundation Cultural Day Celebration on Sunday in Abuja, stressed that there was no comfortable platform for children with special needs in the country.

The world is moving very fast and in developed countries children with special needs contributes to the growth and development of their nation but we can not say the same here.

''They still stigmatize children with special needs in this part of the world, they have not been accepted fully in the society and the society does not recognise their talent.

''I have been able to know so much and read wide that is why I give my child with special need the best, since he started his school and therapy it has been very easy.

''He even travelled to Glasgow for a program and he performed very well. All that the children need is a society that works," he said.

Oguneso who urged the government to brace up and begin to act well, advised parents with children with special needs to give them all the support they need rather than hide them at home and feel ashamed or embarrassed of the child.

Mr Eludiwura Olayemi, an Engineer at NigComSat, said that it was difficult raising a child with special needs as they could not express themselves.

''Before my son started attending OLG Health Foundation, he could not express himself, it was really difficult, like if he wants to urinate, he will not be able to tell anyone.

''But within the space of six months things became different and he is doing well now. He can talk and express himself very well. The foundation is also very affordable,"he said.

The Chairman, Board of Trustees, OLG Health Foundation, an NGO, Mr Chidi Izuwah said that autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability in the world.

Izuwah said that autism was present in all races and classes of people adding that autism affects as many as one in 68 children.

According to Him, the aim of the foundation was to ensure that every child or adult impacted by autism or other developmental challenge was given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

Dr Doris Izuwah, Clinical Director OLG Health Foundation, said that autism has no known cause at the moment but environmental factors, not attending antenatal during pregnancy or prolonged labour could lead to autism.

Izuwah also urged parents with special needs children not to give up on their kids as patients and perseverance was key in defeating the defect.