Udom, Akpabio And The Real Stooges Part 2

Source: Micheal Joseph Okon, Uruan.

At this stage its necessary we clear the air and let the world know that it’s not in our character to be untrustworthy, it’s not in the character of the Calabar man as we over here are generally called to be deceitful. The recent show of shame by Senator Akpabio is below our true worth; therefore history should never judge us or our children on the benchmark of this unacceptable misfiring by a supposed noble,rather we should be seen in the cloak of Eyo Honesty. We are a generation of pure blue blood line,we have no business with crooks grovelling for survival amidst languishing opportunities to remain significant.

People leave and new people will always find entrance into our destinies, when people leave let them be, some garbage have to be offloaded for us to find our true sailing abilities. Akpabio has gone with the wind and things will never be the same again. Life has happened, we either whine or move on, we either throw a pity party or a thanksgiving service that Jonah is off the boat, we either fold our sleeves and run to the streets and go for ourselves or we dwell on what should have been. We are glad the coast is clear,no more limitations.

We are glad that he has gone, it’s like breathing fresh air, what an over bearing teacher. We have had enough of your lopsided philosophies; let’s now find our footing in life,let's flap our own wings,let's make choices. Quite often people do not value themselves, their loyalists and their creativity because all things have been made ready, we suspend our intellects because some Akpabio is by the corner, yet within every man is a greater and better refined Akpabio if we dare to believe. It's strongly believe that beating Akpabio to his game come 2019 will impress him rather than vex his ego, we strongly believe that his students; Onofiok Luke, Bassey Albert, Obong Paul Ekpo, Tony Akan, enobong uwah, Aniekan Umanah, and a host of elders who gave that citadel endorsement over the years if any ever existed can teach the self acclaimed teacher some good lessons he missed to learn personally.

One is in a haste to be done talking on this vacillation, for we empathize with the man in his trauma, we feel his tramadoling predicament and wish we can be a bit restrained on his poor soul for the man has suffered enough of stigmatization and self imposed segregation. It is at this stage that great leaders often leave the scene with their glory intact when ovation is loudest. For the first time in a long time Akpabio has lost the crowd, can he reinvent himself? Can he be God again? Can his will be done again and again and again and again? You know what I mean. If he can face National politics and stop attempting to be King Kong back home he might yet be feared and respected but if he attempts to trample on the will of the people, he will get abused and insulted more so when he fails to install his new found love against a performing Governor Udom Emmanuel come 2019.

*LESSON 4* ; never take loyalty for granted, people will leave you when you disrespect them.

Come 2019 some fools will go out there and die for politicians, they will form Jamesbond and Janetbond only to be forgotten. Take my advice and stay alive for sworn enemies like Akpabio, Nsima ekere, udoedehe and umana can always mend walls while you rot away in the grave or in some prison for being stupid,even all attacking Udom Emmanuel will sooner than latter wine and dine in your life time, please stay alive and prove me right if I am wrong. This is a game of power; no one really cares about you but their money in the bank.

I will not deny the fact that I was shocked to see Michael Mathew embrace Akpabio, I can’t believe my eyes seeing Ita Enang stand tall with the same man he attacked day in day out for the past 3 years. No this is not nollywood, its no folktale, it’s for real. No amount of political science in any higher institution can out learn this experience. If you want to be a politician please come to Akwa Ibom State for your private practice, this people will not give me sleepless nights.

The challenge facing Udom 2019 is that while the gang on the other divide are doing business in politics, he is executing governance with the divine mandate, while others do not care what happens in the future, he dreams for a better future for every Akwa Ibom child. Those opposing Udom Emmauel are business politicians who care about nothing but their fat bank accounts. In the voice of Udoedehe, we are into business in APC.

*LESSON 5* ; only fools die in the business of power, stay alive

To the suffering masses, wake up and make demands from leadership at all level. Refuse to be intimidated by the people that have risen on the wings of your continued loyalty if not docility. Never allow a democratically elected leader to grow beyond your ability to confront their madness. In civilised climbs the opinion of the electorates are held in high esteem, its time to enforce that kind of loyalty from those we vote into power.

Though our votes hardly count in Nigeria today but it will some day as we progress on our democratic journey. Voting is nothing but a fanfare today, yet if we are courageous enough we can change the narrative. We will continue to produce irresponsible leaders until we become responsible citizens who do not shield and embrace fraudsters into power.

*LESSON 6* ; our leaders are our reflections.
Our APC brethren are excited that they have the rigging machine on their team,forgetting that the future is full of the unexpected.

The electorates can see that its all about selfish interest and nothing about the people. They have a choice to make with their PVC, they either vote for Udom Emmanuel to continue his good works or become victims of desperate politicians.

*Micheal Joseph Okon* is a public affairs analyst.