*The reign of Impeachment;  Benue State in Focus*

By Daniel Omaga

Across the country, news of impeachments and faceoff between political leaders and security personnel have become the order of the day. Just last week, Nigerians watched with dismay, the gestapo tactics with which men of the Nigerian police force attempted to prevent the nation's number three and four men from going to the red chambers to discharge their duties. This was occasioned by the defection of legislators in what appears to be a show down between the major political parties like that of the royal rumble wrestling bouts.

While we were still basking in the euphoria that greeted these political power plays, news emanated on the social media of the abduction of the Senator representing the good people of Kogi West Senatorial district. However, in what appears to be a twist of fate and a failed attempt to take Nigerians on another hypnotic political ride, we were later told the supposedly abducted senator had emerged after having spent several hours on a tree inside the bush. Interesting, but this line could actually pass for a Nollywood script.

From Benue to Imo, Kano to Kwara, Ekiti to Osun, impeachments and political realignments have overtaken the onus of governance. Dividends of democracy have evaded the people and all Nigerians do now is lie in wake with the hope of a new day to elapse like the previous one.

In my dear Benue state however, a replay of the impunity witnessed years ago came to bare as only seven out of thirty legislators commenced impeachment proceedings on the governor. This too is ridiculous and laughable especially in a democracy where the voice of the majority is what counts.

No doubt, the situation in Benue state has serious implications on our democracy as it connotes a return to the era of impunity, where security operatives tasked with the responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the citizenry become tools in the hands of politicians who use them to score political points while innocent people are being killed on a daily basis.

The security situation in Benue state is already tense considering the herdsmen/farmers clash which have continued unabated. Hence, any political action that may exacerbate the already failing security architecture of the state and other parts of the country should be discouraged by the government or any political party.

Omaga Daniel, [email protected] .

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