Certainly, these are not best of times for ex-Super Eagles winger, George Finidi, in far away Holland, as his mild and gentle heart has been shattered like a badly broken mirror. According to an insider, who disclosed Finidi's present state to Hi Society, “George hasn't been in his best moods in recent times, ever since he was jilted by his lover and oppressed by some of his neighbours. “I guess the reason for George's moods is not far fetched because those who knew him and his lover when they were together, would readily tell anyone that the two were really in love until George's love met a particular dude in Holland, who hoodwinked her into falling in love with him.”

Hi Society's impeccable source further disclosed that one of the painful reasons for George's heartbreak is that he was responsible for his lover's trip to the Dutch country so that she will be closer to him. Unfortunately, George was initiating his own heartbreak with this move. Trouble started brewing in the relationship, when some dudes, who live very close to George in Holland and touted as drug barons, started flaunting their wealth at Finidi and his lover. And before George knew what was really amiss, his live-in-lover had been hoodwinked into falling in love with one of these dudes and wasn't long before she dumped Finidi like a piece of rag.

As if to compound George's woes, the runaway lover got pregnant and delivered a child for the alleged drug baron. This, according to an inside source, has been the reason for George's recent predicament. While the No. 7 shirt winger is licking his wound, his one time lover is busy gallivanting and frolicking around Holland with her new found money-bag. George's lover has settled down with the money-bag and they are said to be enjoying a blissful relationship with their child.