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In the year 2007, when the late President Umar MusaYar'Adua was about to be sworn in as president, Prophet Anthony Nwoko cried out, warning that he was not Nigeria's God chosen leader.

In the prophecy, which was published in the Daily Sun of Friday May 25, 2007, the prophet described Obasanjo's decision to anoint Yar'Adua his successor as a 'confrontation Jacob and Esau,' adding: 'Obasanjo is like Rebecca in the Bible, who intercepted the message of Isaac to Esau. Rebecca planned the coup. The same is applicable to what Obasanjo is doing.'

Few weeks after the death of Yar'Adua, Prophet Nwoko reappeared, this time at The Sun office, Enugu to declare: 'Obasanjo was warned in 2007 not to install Yar'Adua as president. He was warned by Prophet Anthony Nwoko not to install Yar'Adua because he already had a spiritual problem and God did not want him to come in. Yet Obasanjo insisted to do his own will, not the will of God; and the prophet of God warned him.

I even told him to bring out his own prophets and let us have a challenge because the problem of Nigeria is spiritual and Nigeria has to be re-branded spiritually. Anything short of that, there is no president that will come and sit on throne of this country because the nation is in the hand of God and anybody who goes contrary to God's plans is causing confusion for this country.'

So what is the solution?
I have come to tell the world that the truth must prevail this time, election or no election. God's mission must come down first. Jesus died for the world and He has come back to redeem his people. He is a Nigerian; he is the black saviour. Jonathan's position is like that of John the Baptist, who was baptising with water and told the people that the one who will baptise them with the Holy Spirit was about to come. The one that will sanitise Nigeria with the power of the Holy Spirit is in the country now; let Jonathan call the men of God if he wants to put the country in right path; it's not a question of organizing election; election is not the solution of Nigeria.

None among those in politics can redeem Nigeria because the power is not there. Only the one that is ordained can do that. I want Jonathan to use his position, within these few months, to bring out that glory, which has been concealed by the people of South West of Nigeria, headed by Obasanjo. They know that there is a great light, a great moon in this country, and they don't want to bring that moon out because it does not come from the South-West or from the North, but from the South East of Nigeria.

If that moon does not come out to show the world its glory, there would be no peace in Nigeria. That is why they took Yar'Adua away; Yar'Adua had all it takes to be a good president, but the heavens refused because hey want their own glory to be installed. Time is against the whole world. The world is waiting for this blessing to be shown the entire world and Nigerians refused to go the path of God. I wish to encourage the Minister of Information and Communication to find out what is wrong with Nigeria. Re-branding is not the solution; they have spent so much money to re-brand Nigeria. All these are the anger of God. They will seek for the anointed one; they will seek for the king of kings; they will seek for the president of presidents; they will seek for the messiah, who is in Nigeria, who is the light of the world.

I warn that if the messiah is not installed what will happen in Nigeria will be disastrous. The one sent is the prophet of heaven; he is a prophet of the generation, a prophet that takes charge of the nation, a prophet that will reveal what is hidden in this country. Many things are going wrong in the country, which is hampering its growth. They killed Jesus Christ the first time. Nigerians are killing Him the second time.

You mean Jonathan cannot save Nigeria?
There is a glory in this country that has been revealed. No politician, no military, no power, no senator or Rep member can solve the problem of Nigeria. Jonathan cannot solve it; the only thing he can do is to bring out this glory that has been hidden; let him invite me and I will tell him what to do. I spoke on Babangida in 1993. I told him to quit office, that if he didn't there would be bloodshed, and it came to pass. I warned Obasanjo through Daily Independent that he should not be installed president and they refused. Obasanjo saw calamity until he left Aso Rock with his wife, Stella, dead. They brought in Yar'Adua and the heavens said no.

The Angels have brought Jonathan, in a mysterious way for him to fulfill the mission. Obasanjo said that Christ is not alive. I want to prove to him now that Christ is in this country and this same Christ is going to put him where he does not believe because the light is here. He has rejected the glory of God; he has rejected the message of Christ and he call himself a Christian while people are suffering, while people are dying. Nigeria is in a mess, nobody has the authority, except the authority from Heaven, which says 'every good gift comes from heaven and that good gift is what we are about to bring to the world today. If Jonathan cannot do it, then he is looking for trouble. If he wants to install himself as president, then remember that the Bible said 'he that is standing let him stand well so that he does not fall.' Let him not misuse this chance thinking that he is the lucky man. There is the one above him, above all people in this country; there is a king above all kings in this country and he has to be installed.

Who is this messiah?
The messiah is the light of the world. I am challenging the men of God. They should come out. When Christ came to the world there were three wise men, who went to see the star and when they saw the star they gave Him gifts. Let people, who call themselves prophets, step out and join Prophet Nwoko; let us present this messiah to Jonathan so that he will show what he has for Nigeria. So the messiah is in our midst and that messiah is the prophet of God. Those who call themselves prophets should step out and let's present this messiah to Aso Rock, so that Jonathan will know where we are going.

Anybody contesting election when the light of the world is waiting for the angels to smile, the angels will be angry again; that is why Yar'Adua is where he is today. Nobody can stop the sun from shining; it must surely shine; and the light is here and you all are here to witness the second coming of the glory of God in Nigeria, which has been foreseen by the wicked people.

Prophet Nwoko is the anointed one of God sent to Nigeria to deliver the people to the promised land, as a light, as anointed king, as a God ordained, with the seven spirits from heaven and the power from heaven to deliver these people. I came from United States of America to Nigeria on this mission since 1985; the churches saw the glory; they did not want it because it is from the South East of Nigeria; there has been a battle over it at the Celestial Church of Christ for over 16 years; they did not want to prove it to the whole world and that is why all the celestial leaders are gone.

What do you mean exactly?
Righteousness exalts a nation. The one coming is not for Nigeria alone; he is a world blessing, but he has to start from a nation. It is this righteousness that will bring out the righteous people in this country, then a new government of God will be formed and this government is going to bring the children of God to the positions where they are supposed to be. I am not talking of a president I am talking of bringing the glory that God gave to me to shower on the people and then there will be abundant blessing; all these problem of poverty will be eradicated, all these corruption will go because righteousness has entered the country. Everything will work in the smooth way of the almighty; all those who are going to be in positions will be God's choosing vessel and they will lead the people according to the promise of God and not embezzling money.