An Open Letter to Omo Baba Oloye

By Good Governance

As Nigeria politics is at gun point with BUKOLA SARAKI as one of the game changers, Wazirin of Ilorin should thread softly. BUKOLA should know where to pitch tent so as to enjoy the little goodwill that common Nigerian politician enjoys.

It is already too late for SP to be considering options, if he wants his political influence to get more weight. Despite Buhari's tyrannical style of government to nail him at all cost, BUKOLA has never repaid him. If there is any elected official that made Buhari to continue as occupant of Aso seat, it is Omo baba Oloye.

Despite all odds, BUKOLA had saved this government from national embarrassment on countless occasions. But Buhari and his acolytes have been humiliating, criminalize, vilifying and molesting Bukola from many burners.

Abubakar BUKOLA Saraki, it is high time you left this tent of vultures, there is no promise or agreement they can fulfill. How can a man that is overriding courts' decisions which is a constituted institution honor an ordinary paper?.

Mr. SP if you remain in their camp, you will end up in their belly. So it is better to hear voices of your supporters than pecuniary gains from enemy's table. May be I should remind you how a Chief Imam lost his son in a ghastly auto accident while praying for you against Buhari's CCT.

Those people celebrating your downfall, circulating your docked picture as accused and hounding you with unfounded charges cannot suddenly turn back to be asking for your hand in fellowship.

My advice for you is simple, just don't go the way the current 21st century AFONJA is going. Let me reiterate it that you are not infallible like other politicians in Nigeria but your records as Senate President has won you many crowns of democracy. Therefore, don't push your luck too far.

This is the right time for you to right the wrong that you and your colleagues did in 2015 against Nigeria. It is only a mentally blind person that will keep supporting the obvious failures of Buhari's led government. He has failed at all fronts including his so called integrity and any step to bring him back will tantamount to reinforcement of failures.

Finally, as you and your colleagues remain on the 2019 political chessboard, let it benefit the masses at least for once.

Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates