BBC Africa Eye: The Rapist Next Door

By BBC World Service International Publicity

16th July: Africa Eye investigates rape in Johannesburg, South Africa. For more than a decade, crime reporter Golden Mtika has documented the devastating human impact of rape in his community of Diepsloot, one of the most dangerous townships in South Africa's largest city.

In this ground-breaking investigation, Mtika tracks down, confronts and challenges the worst perpetrators of sexual violence in his community, men who openly boast of committing dozens of violent sexual assaults with no hint of remorse, regret or even awareness of the horrific pain their crimes inflict.

Mtika also discovers that children are being deliberately targeted by witchdoctors who advocate child rape as a cure for HIV.

He witnesses the community who fight back by taking the law into their own hands - playing judge and jury with vigilante justice. This investigation reports on four alleged rapists who fall victim to barbaric mob attack in a community that feels abandoned by both the government and police.

Mtika questions whether continuing to live in Diepsloot is safe enough for his family.