Buhari 2019: The audacity of Buharideens

By Martin-hassan Eze
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Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and an conscientious stupidity��- Dr. Martin-Lurther King Jnr.

Walahi! This thing called shame some Dudu’s just don’t have it. How can a man with conscience and human heart refuse to acknowledge the regrettable fact the GMB is a disaster; a ticking time bomb. Is it not now clear that GMB is the worst thing to happen to Nigeria since the return of civilian rule in 1999? Yet, some mugus are not just shameful enough to stop selling the candidature of this Mobutu in the social media. And, I ask. Is the protection of lives and properties no longer the primary responsibility of government? Have PBM and APC not failed woefully in this regard? Perhaps, for Elrufai; the petit Kaduna tyrant and Dean, college of Buharideens, good governance is all about ethnic cleaning and political jihad.

Who should we blame? Did KONGI the noble laureate not bemoan the fact that social media is a vomitorium some years back? Some folks think that the social media is their village stream. They just jump into the square with rotten and stinking narratives: fighting corruption is the reason why we should become slaves in our country. Fighting corruption is also the reason why all ancestral lands of non-Muslims in the north should become a mass grave and grazing land for Fulani herdsmen. Why on earth will any man who has not lost his faculty dish out this line of thought that is only good for beer parlour lounge in the social media? Agreed, freedom of expression is free but I think there should be limit to sycophancy. I hope, I will not be immodest to suggest that these Buharideens post before they think. Most of these guys are feudal slaves who have no mind of their own. The wizard of Otta recently called them Morons. They keep polluting the social media with their mal-nourished narratives in defense of a colossal failure GMB and his Government have become. Saddening!

When philosopher kings are talking, commoners or those who have sold their destiny to Buhari should listen. Here, I make haste to point out that erudition is not a by-product of certificate. A la Bsc, Msc , Phd. Some folks no matter their qualifications are educated Efulefus. Even a thousand of Prof. Soyinka and late Prof Chike Obi can’t remedy their situation. It is not a crime if one does not post idiotic innuendos. This unpatriotic and un thinking crowd that lay claim to the logic of Okporoko sellers in Ogege market are the worst enemy of a new Nigeria of our collective dream. When Buhari’s son uses a private jet and a country man is given a bucket of cow dung to eat and he still shouts sai Buhari!, what should we call such a big idiot?

These people have a new god-Buhari. Their religion is Buharia. They call themselves Buharideens; bunch of bootlickers, sycophants, rabble rousers and political jobbers. These conclaves of Efulefus don’t know history. Where is Arthur Nzeribe? We have travelled this route before. Did some set of Ajanakus not say that the dark goggle wearing tyrant late Sani Abacha is their God? It is indeed scandalous and saddening that some fellows are bent in truncating our nascent democracy by insisting that the daft sheriff will not retire by 2019.

What we need is a rich, apt, inept and progressive idea as practiced in Lagos and not some stone age Buharism. We cannot accept the idiocy of riffraff as facades of wisdom. Here El rufai comes to mind. The governor of Kaduna is behaving as if Kaduna State is his fiefdom. El rufia is the doyen of Buhariseens. He must be told that Nigerians have a mind of their own. If we resisted Abacha and co, we will resist any un-democratic antics of Buhari and Buharideens in 2019. Nigerians will really show them that power belongs to the people. Elrufai may kiss Buhari’s “yash” or even eat his vomit for dinner. That is his own cup of tea. If Elrufai and his co-travelers think they can use under aged voters to undermine our democracy, we will serve them the concoction we served IBB in 1993.

Another set of shameless Buharideens that really need to be pitied is Mr.Lai Mohammed, Mr.Shehu Garba and Mr.Femi Adesina. Mr Adesina is free to defend his meal ticket but he must realize that he is fast becoming an embarrassment to the Yoruba nation, the pen profession and the progressive and welfarist ideas Obafemi Awolowo stood for when he was alive. Pa Awolowo must be weeping in his grave over the mockery of progressive politics by these feudal mediocre. Those of us that had great respect for Mr Femi Adesina during his days at the Sun Newspaper are beginning to agree with Reuben Abati that some unfriendly forces inhabit Aso Rock.

Lai Mohammed; the spin Doctor and his junior partners in falsehood are suffering from grand delusion. Let me state this obvious fact that these megaphones may choose to ignore to their own peril. Let it roar like the clapping of thunder so that the deaf can hear me. Nigerians don’t have access to such enclave where “morons” who dwell and strive in self denial inhabit. Like the wizard of Otta pointed out, it is nothing but foolery to reinforce failure. If Buhari could not make any meaningful change in three years, he will not move mountain in a century. Period! No amount of propaganda, window dressing, oppression and suppression of activists and critics by Buhari, Buharideens and their cave age collaborators in uniform can quench the burning flame.

It is now clear the Fura de nunu can intoxicate some Buharideens. Oga VP have abandon Amala and have made Fura his special delicacy. And, by the time the bride groom arrives, it may be too late for virgin Osibanjo to walk into the wedding banquet. A visit to Tom Ikimi the guy who canonized Abacha will do the Prof some good. Those who allow themselves to be used as willing tools or slaves by feudal marauders will live to regret it. Ask Abiola. These Abokis don’t have honour and never respect agreement. They are very good at using and dumping their allies once the meal is ready. Late Dr Alex Ekwueme was a victim. Even the Jagaban of Bornu realized this too late. What else can we tell a Professor who has made himself an errand boy to a man who don’t know the different between human blood and palm oil; a man who can’t tell the difference between the living and the dead?

Stomach infrastructure! If I forget you, let my pen write a piece that will attract a Nobel Prize. Black man! Black man!! Black Man!!!.What is in the mind of a black man beggar’s imagination? What does he want at his age? Haba mana! Prof!. Oga Prof has exchanged his good name and antecedent for a mess of political porridge. He can at least learn from the life of his in-law. The name of Awolowo is written in letters of gold not because of stomach infrastructure and political correctness. Why not abandon this sinking ship called Buharia? But does this man who lays claimed of been a learned gentle man have any iota of political common sense? Where I come from, “short congos” are respected for their wisdom. No. I don’t want to believe that Prof is a member of college of political scoundrel and scavenger looking for what to eat. For goodness seek, he is not from the race of those whose only aim of occupying a political position is to steal public funds, build mansions instead of schools, places of worship instead of hospitals and industry and then marry under aged girls. Prof, appears too polished and urbane to be found in the same wagon with this caravan of self seeking marauders who in most cases occupy sensitive positions not because of their competence and capacity but as a result of Federal character and sai mai sallah syndrome. The road Oga VP is travelling is a pointer that common sense is not common even among professors.

It was the Emir of Kano Alhaji Mohammed Sanusi that once opined that: “a nation and a state is only transformed by vision. Once that vision is lost, every other thing around the vision collapses” Buhari is a calamity to Nigeria because, in the first place, he had no vision to make Nigeria great again. His pronouncements, appointments, mannerism and attitude towards non Buharideens validate my claim.

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