Outrage, Anger Over Police Killing of Unarmed Female Youth Corper In Abuja

By The Nigerian Voice
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Barely 24 hours to her passing out parade, a female youth corp member, Linda Angela Igwetu, has allegedly been shot dead by a policeman in Abuja on Wednesday.

Twenty-three-year-old Linda had finished work late at about 11pm and joined few friends at a leisure spot and was brutally murdered by an unknown killer cop on her way home.

According to an account of the incident shared by the deceased’s sister, Chineye Igwetu, and corroborated by ‘End SARS champion,’ Segun Awosanya on Twitter, the late Linda was shot around 3am on Wednesday.

“The group ended the night around 3am and was shot at shortly after the check point immediately after Ceddi Plaza by a Police officer identified as Benjamin PETERS,” Awosanya tweeted.

“The bullet hit Linda on her side, by the midriff and she began losing blood.

“She was rushed to the Garki hospital, where Linda was attended to immediately she was brought in. She was in a pool of her own blood, and had low heart rate.”

Awosanya said sources at the hospital revealed that a consultant was called in, who attended to her.

“Medications were prescribed, but she has lost so much blood.

“The case was later taken to Federal Secretariat Police Station where the elder sister of the deceased Chineye Igwetu was crying for help.”

Friends and family of 23-year-old Linda Igwetu say the policeman is a murderer.

“We are investigating the case. It is at the Criminal Investigation Department. So, investigation is ongoing on the case, Police said Thursday.