Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman to be made into a film

By Alexander Opicho
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For the second time now Wole Soyinka's dramtic work has been taken for adaptation into a film. Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman has been adopted to be made into a film by EbonyLife Film corporation. The first was early this year when director and producer at Nollywood, Tunde Kelani announced that he is adapting The Lion and the Jewel into a film . According to the Premier Times a London based Cuture Newspaper, Death and King's Horseman will soon be adopted into the film by Ebonylife Film and then to be globally distributed by The Nollywood Cinema Corporation.

The play Death and King's Horseman was Written in Cambridge during Soyinka’s exile from Nigeria. And then it was first performed in 1975. The Death and the King’s Horseman is a political play observing the clash of civilisations by basing on a historical incident in which the horseman of a Yoruba King was prevented from committing ritual suicide by the colonial authorities.

This play is intellectually enticing, it is a one Act play with five scenes and is among Soyinka’s most influential works. It was mentioned in 1986 as one of the works that Soyinka to desrve a Nobel Prize citation .

Wole Soyinka is the author of other prizeworth plays like A Dance of the Forests and A Play of Giants, the poetry collections under the title Idanre, and Other Poems and as well as A Shuttle in the Crypt. Soyinka also has on his memoir The Man Died: Prison Notes.The most known works of prose by Syinka are; the Road, the Interpreter and Season of Anomy. Another well known play by Soyinka is Kongi's Harvest, it is a literary mockery of the fallacy in the political ideologies as those embaraced by Kwame Nkurumah

The EbonyLife Films Corporation is headed by Mo Abudu, it is best known for the 2016 commercial hit The Wedding Party.

By-Alexander Opicho writes (From Lodwar, Kenya) [email protected]