Eid el Fitri: Imam Idaini of Borno Urges Muslims To Pray For Peace,Unity , Stability

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Maiduguri

The Imam Idaini of Borno, Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Kyari Al Sulisiya has appealed to all faithfuls in the state and country to pray for peace, unity and stability Friday.

He also called on the people to continue to pray for the Nigerian President's improved health and continuous good governance of the country.

The Imam IIdaini who made the plea during his Eidel Fitri Sallah sermon after the usual two nafilah rakaats Friday at the Ramat Square Maiduguri, reiterated the need for the Muslim faithfuls to continue to observe the virtues of the Ramadan Fast and pray for the return of peace in the state and region, pointing out that, without peace, no meaningful development can taken place.

He also charged the Muslim faithfuls that observed the Ramadan Fast to give out Zakatul Fitri to the needies, mentioning those that deservs to be given the Zakatul Fitri as well as Zakatul Maal.

Sheikh Ahmad further enjoined the Muslims to observe Sitta Shawwal Fast which accompanies the Ramadan Fast while praying for the progress and development state and country.

The Imam Idaini further advised people to accept destiny and depend on God for their blessings.

He highlighted on the significance of Zakatul Fiitri and Zakatul Maal by Muslims annually, especially those that are into commercial and farming businesses among others.

Sheikh Ahmad Kyari also called on the government to continue to play it's role in serving the people while advising the leaders to be committed their responsibilities to their people and the society.