Don’t Condone Projected Inferiority Complex From Any Race

By Farouk Martins Aresa

There are so many myths out there, one of which is that no matter how uneducated and ignorant a white person is, he still thinks he is superior to blacks. No, that is totally false. Most of those are white conned men and actors. They are so insecure, they use someone else to cover their own inadequacies and deficiencies. The fact is, they use insecurity complex as cover to condition others beneath them so that they can feel better with a superior ego.

An African lecturer in prestigious English university told of another story on a plane, which went viral: of poor whites assuming superiority complex no matter how accomplished a Blackman is. Please don’t be conned, come home and see untapped talents, don’t faulta lack of. Since we ignore our talents, one of many young men made helicopter from scrapyard, inventor of silo air-condition and poundo-yam, University of Lagos Professor built first prototype car and many all over Africa whose hard work have been stolen, laid fallow for lack of investors and sponsors.

Even when encouraged as Innoson cars; we have killed our ingenuities, marketing and products with imports. We exported mental and tropical diseases we could better cure at home. Ibadan, Nssuka, Lagos and Zaria have fully equipped medical facilities on their top floor rivaling comfort of 5 stars hotel all over the world: to stop medical tourism. Moneybags would rather go abroad for headache and medical check up. Some go abroad to die so that foreign hospitals named in their obituaries. Yet, some specialists trained abroad, left good paying jobs to practice in Africa.

By the time EBOLA invaded Nigeria, Professor Happi teaching in a little town university in Ede, Osun State had already diagnosed Ebola with home made machine before Center for Disease Control from Atlanta USA arrived. Imagine, in a population of 180m of Nigerians if that disease had spread before it was contained in Lagos after taking the dear life of Nurse Justina Obioma Ejelonu and Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. Dr. Ada Igonoh and other infected personal bravely survived.

Therefore, don’t call for Rwanda; call for Ezeogwu, Rawlings or Tunisia revolutions against those squandering our talents and preventing ingenuity to germinate like it does in other countries.

Needless to emphasis, we are all born equals but our level of achievement is different. Why anyone would feel inferior to any under achiever just because of the color of his skin is a case of mental conditioning (colo-mentality) that has been sold and bought into blindly. Even poor whites, if allowed, would take a stab at you no matter how much you have achieved; but only if you give ground. If you succumb, it enforces conditioned or entrenched inferiority complex used to scapegoat others in order to displace you from the same privilege they enjoy.

Poor whites are just as ignorant as poor blacks, divided and used to pursue agenda that is eventually detrimental to their self-interest. It is why politicians search for scapegoats. Any black that breaks out of their stereotypes, predetermined as in a caste system, would be put into where they want him unless he is confident and relentless in escaping the way they expect him to work out. That is, refusing to accept their concept of being inferior.

Don’t condone or assume inferiority complex tagged on you by any race to get or play along,to feel good riding on you. Do not become what you think people are thinking about you.It only validates their prejudice. Be the best of what you make of yourself. Demonstrate the best of your God given talent. It destroys prejudice and other preconceived negative appellations tagged on you. Africans have too many accomplices working against talented ones at home.

African oppressors are no different from foreign oppressors. When there is no other “racial”, ethnic or tribal class to displace, poor whites too, take their frustration out on one another. But before then,theywould unite against you. So, if they have no power to deny you life, liberty or benefits in terms of economic means to survive, they look for other ways to demonize you by deception in order to elevate themselves to a superior level if you accept and allowed it.

What is the difference between their expectation and yours? It is a calamity for a black man to automatically accept what the other guy assume that you are, even if both of you have been so conditioned. It gives rise to stereotypes that can only be shattered with ability and confidence to perform. White men that cannot perform already know that, there is no reasonable means of demonstrating what you don’t have. But if it is assumed and accepted by blacks that whites have superior potential, blacks would capitulate, even before demonstrating their prowess.

Please be fair to yourselves and white folks, do not blame them for inferiority complex you accepted. Their good old days of slavery are fading, they could only dream or wish it would come back. Politicians realize this but would always use code of the good old days as false promises to garner votes. If they really think you are inferior, they would grant equal access to opportunities, not keep you down by force or by any means.

Those of you that had watched historical ROOTS may remember one little white girl asking the father why would they prevent blacks from learning how to read and write if blacks were too stupid to learn anyway? The father replied that education is a double-edged sword. Itcould cut both ways. In other words, it might work against oppressors.

A man that is confident does not underestimate his capabilities and melt before meeting his opponents. Otherwise his opponent or rival would psyche him out and disable his potentials before engagement.Mohammed Ali won many fights even before getting into the ring. He told Joe Frazier that he was god. Joe Frazier replied: Mr. god, you are going to get whooped tonight.

Stereotypes have been used against blacks even before they start kindergarten and college to place them at a disadvantage. It was done in a variety of ways. One of which is the old IQ test. Anyone can design a test based on simple survival in some environment: on the farm, in the ghetto, hip-hop culture or African culture (but are not standard).Then challenge rich whites in a different comfortable environment to make a pass mark. Yet, some would pass if they could be receptive, cram or if it would determine their tickets to fame or riches or make heaven!

Do you really think Asians are superior to whites or they were determined to succeed in America and Europe like their African counterparts? These are desperate chosen folks out of countries, leaving not so desperate ones and some lazy ones in every society behind. Yet these are examples used to spite other blacks in order to make them feel inferior, not because they are. Women and first generation Europeans and Americans now dominates PhD, colleges and professional schools. Yet white men dominate most of the top professional jobs. Is it genetics?

Black ladies are the most educated ethnic class. Though it does not translate into deserving positions or jobs. Remember that low IQ had been used against Gaelic-speaking children compared to English-speaking in England; immigrants and Jews in United States. Sabotaging colleagues as competitors is common in every country, especially in business and professional jobs.We must hastily make it clear that when you are black, in a white community, it becomes an additional burden to bear compared to your colleagues for being black.

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