Unabated Innocent Killings and Satanic Condolences of President Buhari.


Gradually, killing of innocent public by Fulani herdsmen has become norm and everybody at the corridors of power continue to behave as if nothing is happening.

Let me say it in the word of Nasir El-Rufai, anyone that kill any man for livestock grazing is taking repayable loan for himself and his households both present and future.

When the heat of this menace was gathering momentum at the advent of this government in 2015 I wrote a piece on how our leaders should resolve it. I added another piece to it after 8months to drive home my points on this issue. But unfortunately nothing was done.

It was then I realized that Buhari and his government footsoldiers are the accomplice. Mr. President your lackadaisical attitude towards human life is satanic. How can a group of people be killing others because of livestock business and yet you are sounding aloof.

Firstly, you told them to accommodate their fellow countrymen and later you asked how are the cattle rearers are faring. You went further that you were not aware that the IGP turned down your order but you did nothing to him. You made the matter worst by ventilating your satanic deception on foreign land for blaming a dead man, Gaddafi.

There is no doubt that you and your heartless team have hands in this matter. Under your very nose, your IGP threatened sitting Governors to withdraw anti grazing bill and your Minister of Defence seconded it.

May be I should remind you of how you sent Air force fighter jet to rescue 55cows from rustlers. The way you swiftly responded to IPOB with full military hardwares cannot be forgotten.

Let me tell you in clear terms, Fulani herdsmen are killing innocent public for an unjust reason. The narrative that each regime has its peculiar monster; that Obasanjo had Sharia, Yar'adua had Niger Delta militants and Jonathan had Bokoharam is ill conceived by satanic agents in your team.

No single Fulani herdsman has been arrested and prosecuted despite their umbrella body claiming responsibility for these heartless acts. They have killed thousands but all you have been issuing is satanic condolence. It is not only the act that is satanic, your actions and inaction are also satanic.

President Buhari you have failed and you must quit now. If your kinsmen called Fulani herdsmen should kill anybody again, you must vacate your office after 48hours of the incident. However, if you are proving otherwise, we will enforce your eviction without shedding blood. Never again will Nigerians entrust a religion and ethnic bigotry like you with power, never again.

Once again I'm saying your condolences are satanic. If you don't ban open grazing, arrest and prosecute all ranks and files of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN in the next 48hours, you and your government are satanic and the Lord of hosts will crush your government and lineage without remedy speedily.

Ifedayo Obi,

Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates