The Third force and Obasanjo's voice.


As it stands today, nobody can underrate influence of the former President, Okikiola Mathew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo in our political Odyssey as a nation since 1979. Most especially the highest seat of power, you can't get there without his backing.

He has been winning the innocent public to his side when it comes to electoral choices. Though he has not been doing it alone, there are other 3 co-landlords that are with him in this field. These four horns have been assiduously dictating the tune of Aso Villa.

However, among these four horns, Ebora Owu happened to be the most instrumental in this task. When he said no more APC and PDP, many thought he was day dreaming but gradually it is becoming real.

It is not far fetched that the two major parties are losing it at all fronts, while the fate of APC will be determined at her upcoming elective National Convention on 14th May, 2018. Her solely rival, PDP will not find it easy to handover her flag to any of the presidential aspirants and this might polarise her weight. In fact, the two parties are dancing to Obasanjo's tune unknowingly.

Be that as it may, if Baba Iyabo should win again then will the story be different from previous victories? What will be the gain of the innocent public? Will Nigeria governing structure remain the same? When will our unity become reality? Will this third force put us into another mess? Can we say Pastor Mathew is patriotic to Nigeria project? These and many more questions are begging for answers.

Obasanjo's creator has been good to him to the point that he continue to hold sway outside power for this long but he should use his luck to better Nigeria. He should stop punishing us because we aborted his life time presidential ambition. We need leaders that capable to lead a pluralistic space like ours. He should support a restructured system that will cater for all not this status quo that is leading us nowhere.

Every Nigerian should be treated equally irrespective of his or her tribe, region and religion. We have gifted and competent hands across Nigeria that can turn things around positively within a possible short term. Obasanjo should forgive and navigate 2019 political ship in away that will favor Nigeria project for all-round growth and development.

Nigeria deserve open government where secrecy will be history, where leaders will serve not rule, where each geopolitical zone will have equal numbers of States, Senators, House of Representative Members, where local government areas will be at the capacity of each State and resources will be controlled by States.

We want a nation where leaders will not become gods and lords, where corruption will become impossible and people's voice will count at the polls. A place where cost of running government will be far lesser than the current structure and elective cum appointed political posts will be less attractive.

To be continued...
Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates