HiTV Boss Toyin Subair Almost Sent 5 Staff Members To Prison.

Source: Dro Ameh - questionmarkmag.com - Nigeriafilms.com

What can be made of the move by the HiTV boss refusal to show up when ordered by a judge and letting his five staffers make an appearance? It took the intervention of lawyers present at a Lagos Federal High Court to have five staff members of HiTV from been kept in prison custody following the failure of the MD, Toyin Subair to appear in court against accusations that ally to the MD prevented the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria from executing a court order issued earlier.

The judge ordered that Mr. Toyin and five other members of his staff come before him to defend himself and his compnay. When the matter came up, Toyin was absent which infuriated the judge and he ordered that the five staffers present be kept in prison till charge of contempt came up in June 14th. After pleadings from the lawyers present, the judge had a change of heart.