Lieutenant Favour Chukwu Calls For Effective, Accelerated National Security Emergence Response

By Nwaorgu Faustinus

The assistant on administration to the President of Mutual Improvement Organization of Nigeria-Security Emergency Response Team (MION-SERT), Lieutenant Favour chukwu has reiterated the need to build an effective mechanism for Nigeria's National Security Emergency Response.

The M-SERT assistant who gave the indication at the stimulation exercise and commissioning of trained personnel on M-Security Emergency Response recently in Port Harcourt, stated that life protection and happiness is the want and need of every family in business, government and unions.

Lieutenant Favour Chukwu disclosed that “years ago, the initiative, M-SERT was given to its President, Dr Charles Amanze by the inspiration of God which was nurtured and structured in him to capture the demand of our time and future. He believes so much in the words of the prophets, his faith and hard work produces immense wisdom from God about the home, security emergency, family and complete relation amusement and for natural improvement in the government, organization unity and co-operative as principles of life. This is to be professed on a simple slogan THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE THRUTH with the principles so explain in practice, we will unanimously say with him; THIS evil is conquered”.

According to him, this is the time when Emergency Response must fully reveal its inherent potentials and ensure the well being of all people, companies and each citizen and establish social justice, to restructuring process of democracy which tend to promote creative and bold practical actions without exception over security apathy that has affected many people, creating firm guarantee that the restructuring will be irreversible, adding that this conforms to the seven point agenda of the present administration to regulate and control land, transport, natural resources among others so that wealth will be protected.

He stated that great blessings awaits honest responders to Security Emergence Response as he was dead-sure that God is at the helm of the work, just as the president once said, “if the power is given me, I will say that this service be deposited in every home, family, company and business as it will be supported by the federal and state government” describing it as the only legacy M-SERT would leave for generations unborn.

Lieutenant Favour enjoined all and sundry to hold in high esteem the service of Security Emergency Response, quoting “work without vision is drudgery, vision without work is dreaming but work coupled with vision is destiny”.

He appealed to local, state and federal government to come to the aid of the organization by providing equipment that can facilitate its responsibilities efficiently.

Nwaorgu Faustinus, Socio-political commentator, writes from Igboetche, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.