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Stop This Nonsense! Stop This Nonsense!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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Dear friends,

I don't know which particular MBA school some people in NRM attended, but corruption has always been bad for development.The beauty of this is in the fact that its obvious and on everybody's lips in Uganda including NRM's Deputy Secretary general, Richard Todwong, who admitted a few days ago that things are worse. So,If you fail to see how its affecting Ugandans, someone else will.Why is it that some people just can't accept the notion that with change of government comes not just "nice stuff", but some "nasty stuff" as well? You simply have to deal with it. Corruption has been NRM's face since 1986 when our brothers from the bush had to give one another state houses in Kololo, state farms and so many other things, instead of developing them for Ugandans. Change of government brings everything up to the surface, the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn to deal with it like an adult, not as a fragile child.Comfort was over there, in Uganda of the sixties and seventies, and plenty of it, so stifling plenty according to our 'elders' now who enjoyed life under Amin and Obote. Not too much was being collected as taxes but generally speaking, people apparently lived a better quality life than now. Strictly speaking, today's state of affairs in Uganda is best called "anarchy".

I don't want to tag corruption to NRM as a party but to the people in power, and have managed to spread the 'virus' to other Ugandans(poor and rich). Its now difficult to get anything done in Uganda without a bribe of some sort. Doctors and nurses are as corrupt as hell.Therefore, human vice and corruption don't follow party lines.To think so, is partisanship of the worst kind. But there's a senior Uganda journalist who keeps portraying corruption as a good thing and I find it so hurting. Seriously,If you aren't ready to propose ways we could fight corruption, take a dump and leave it to someone else to clean up.Make sure the size of your dump is proportional to the degree of economic and otherwise oppression.

What i find disgusting is for someone to 'kudalira' the poor that they're just noise makers on social media instead of working on something more productive. These young men are expressing their frustrations at the Museveni leadership in the most civilised way possible instead of taking up arms, which Museveni did against Obote, and its not right for anyone to belittle them that way. Some NRMs make these comments while, at the same time, denigrating the behavior of poor people in the country, especially if those people are opposing the government.We all know the ethnicity of these people and this type of rhetoric "promotes class hatred". It also promotes tribal hatred. The few who are rich under NRM aren't good foresighters because when shit hits the fan, they will have a share of it. Facts are stupid things,right? Reagan said that.

There once was a Russian princess who was very kind to her people. She cared about the poor, built the schools with her own money, hospitals, even the theatre. When the stuff of the 1917 hit the area, her house was burned to ashes. As she stood there watching her home disappear in flames, she spoke to one of the leaders of the mob, someone she knew well personally and someone she did a lot of good for. She asked him, why did he burn her home, she never done anything bad to him. His response was: lady, I don't have anything against you, but everyone is burning everything, so we are simply supposed to do this.The collective mind of the masses,Collective fulfilment, some say.

Anyone who does not have a shred of awareness of the fact that a lot of youths have tried everything possible to get themselves out of poverty but get frustrated by government and corruption, is living in a whimsical universe.Ugandans,up to now, still try to go for 'kyeyo' in Arab countries despite the much publicised risks involved because things are so hot in their country. Uganda is now divided into two major classes: those who have and those who don't. Most of those who have have are government sympathisers. Its very rare to find a successful businessman in Uganda who doesn't support Museveni. There are classes in our country, and there always will be in human society.Being aware of this is a way to keep one's toes out from under other feet. Some people with money recognize that the are very fortunate and share the wealth. Some don't. I know that is one thing that makes another difference.

Lastly, It seems to irritate some NRMs that some people wholeheartedly support Besigye, Bobi Wine and other politicians that they don't approve of.Tough cookies. Learn to accept it, just like the fact that someone is naturally smarter and more capable that you and I, there always will be that someone.This sound just like envy, plain and simple to me.There are millions of people in Uganda who support Museveni's dictatorship and NRM I'd say, good for them, lucky guys. There's no need to label anybody as Besigye or FDC fanatics just because you disagree them with politically!


*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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"Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism, and find criticism subversive." - Henry Steele Commager 1902-98

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