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A New Wave Of Change For The Nigerian Youth

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Electioneering process in Nigeria isn't traditionally wired to project the youths for elite leadership positions, but mere vocal electorate who contribute their youthful energies in solidarity to the older generation, while they sit at the lonely sidelines.

In certain quarters of public opinion, the youths are snubbed for their incompetence in possessing the perfect role model skill set required for the rigors of governance. However, with the current influx of Nigerian youths buying into the narrative of taking their destinies into their hands and contributing their quota to national development, one cannot undermine the strong mental preparedness of the youths for public office.

To enhance a smooth transition of power from the older generation, the youths must get involved in the business of nation-building. The youths must build a new model to make the already existing one less attractive. A revolution of change aimed at realigning the concept of governance with its original meaning: "Serving The People, Not Ruling Them." A vision of empowering the vulnerable in the society towards achieving their potentials through tangible programs and quality innovation for grassroots development. A strong renaissance, championed by Ibrahim Bature Sallama, Coordinator, Nigerians in Diaspora West Africa, and aspiring candidate for the House of Representatives, Bakori/Danja Federal Constituency of Katsina State. In his words, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Ibrahim Bature Sallama is a trusted youth leader whose body language and rare ideological strength has over the years, championed the cause for youth development/empowerment in the various strata of leadership he has been privileged to occupy. Most notable, was his exemplary and charismatic leadership style which made him flourish in his reign as the National Youth Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC Ghana Chapter). His uniqueness and genuine love for youth development, earned him a remarkable chat with the Voice of America (VOA), and a certificate of participation to President Muhammadu Buhari's historic inauguration in 2015.

Ibrahim Bature Sallama seeks to bring hope to the vulnerable struggling with today, hoping their tomorrow will be better. With his popular mantra, "No legacy is so rich as honesty," Ibrahim Bature Sallama brings the new wave of change to the youth and the most neglected people of Bakori/Danja Federal Constituency of Katsina State.

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