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M7 May Have Found A Match In Rwanda's Kagame!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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If there's any African president who knows M7 very well, its Rwanda's Paul Kagame. He was with him in the bush war(Luwero war Intelligence officer), worked for him after the bush and he is mentioned in several books written by Luwero bush fighters. I, therefore, look at this photo and the body language, and i think to myself,' what the hell is Kagame thinking? I can bet that there's no photo of him eating or drinking anything made by his hosts. Obote may have started INTRIGUE in Uganda politics but I think these two now have PHDs.

In " Betrayed by my Leader'', John Kazoora mentions of an incident where Museveni told them that ''nobody could beat him at intrigue because he had been schooled by the chief Intriguer,Obote''. Museveni said that there was a time Obote played him against Chris Rwakasisi while he, Museveni, was working as an intelligence officer. Apparently, the two later found out that Obote had played them at Moshi in 1979.

That same day, according to Kazoora, M7 also mentioned that there was no way he would have ever worked with Rwakasisi in any shape or form, but the former is now a presidential advisor.

Another person who knows M7 very well as he joined the bush war in June 1982 is Dr.Kiiza Besigye.He joined with Edward Luswata Kanonya. Besigye is on record saying that Kayihura was likely sacked over the diplomatic fights between Uganda and Rwanda. Viewed from just about any perspective, Besigye's insight repre sents a tangle of paradoxes, and his reception has been consistently fraught. But if he was right about this, we expect Gen. Kayihura to be deployed immediately in another 'fat' position soon as a way of assuring Kagame that everything is now well after his visit to Uganda.

Kagame exemplifies for me the notion of a "talented assasin". He always keeps a smile on his face whenever I see him on TV or elsewhere. It means that he could easily fool his 'targets' with friendliness and easiness, and then get them when they least expect it.Kagame also never let his guard down. I remember watching a video of him dancing in a group of kids but he kept looking around and observing everything. He is making basically the same 'music' he was making while working in intelligence services in Uganda, but with more developed orchestration and form. And he's getting it played by major orchestras everywhere including our own Andrew Mwenda.

Museveni too is gifted with something that is rare in our societies,i.e. a sense of humour. He uses it to make people to feel at ease around him, to feed into his ideas, to like him, and before you know it, your neck is gone, your intelligence is gone,and your integrity is gone. So, i'm sure as hell as that the story between Kagame and Museveni is in series, and we haven't seen the last of it!


*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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"Men in authority will always think that criticism of their policies is dangerous. They will always equate their policies with patriotism, and find criticism subversive." - Henry Steele Commager 1902-98