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From Sudan the white Rhino to Vanqutia

By Alexander Opicho
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Your nice nose-based-horn
And Pricey huge teeth in the strong
Long Mandibles graced by the horny
Earlobes on a small skull at the end
Of the lowered strong long neck jutting
From the white triangle of your body with
Wide buttocks the rear base O! the White Rhino
You Sudan the white Rhino of OL Pejeta,
Laikipia, Kenya, the camp of your Euthanasia
You are dead, in your death you lock tight
The door of your species, no whiter Rhino
Your two sisters are left in a social forlorn with
No male of their kind, within the species to plant
In their fertilematrix, the seeds to sire the whiteness
Of your bestiary posterity; alack! doomsday of your time,

What crushed your testicles that females gave you
No libido, is it loneliness that made you stay dead dumb,
Or global warmth in the exoticity of your habitat,
But no an animal must mate lest it kills its future
Down to the somber pyre of genetic science,
cloning the gene grave-digger,

I mourn you the living Vanguita
As I mourn Sudan the impotent white Rhino,
Its white skin now on ash-pit of animal history,
You Vanguita, the fisherman's by-catch shrank
You to ten times three, your phantom population size,
Are you all male or female, are you mating?
You Vanqutia the sea cow, Cochito the sea swine,
The desert porpoise, the scape-goat of totoba,
You own the ocean and the sea floor, planktons,
Marine viands are your dining table, why dwindle,
The fisher-man has hands but you have the gills and
Fins, run! Run you Vanguita, or death of your tomorrow
Near comes your abode via hands of man-kind!

By; Alexander Opicho
[email protected]