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APC National Women Leader Displaced in Villa Gallery;One Woman War!

By Francis John 
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At the time APC’songoing peace and reconciliation exercise, Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu a defender of 35% gender affirmative action, the poor and most vulnerable people with disabilities faces abuse and neglect. As the incumbent APC National Women Leader, the First Lady Aisha Buhari avoided inviting her to recent women stakeholders closed door meeting, while campaigning for her husband’s reelection. Storm in a cup of tea, this may not be connected that she’s not from the core North; Hausa - Fulani and have become very influential internationally bringing fame and honor to the party.

By this action, Aisha Buhari is exercising her husbands directed belittling statement towards her months ago “she belongs to the other room”. Could this be attributed to her power drunkenness and unofficial first lady office?It is hopedthat significant folks are used and dumbed, like they almost did to the Party Leader.

If the party has over the years brought to the fore, the bad and the ugly to prominence, why at this time when the needs all-hands-on-deck to win the next poll, a woman is fighting women infusing divide and rule.

Review group the photographs again if you see Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, a mess or a national oversight!

It’s unbelievable that funds exchanged hands in the course of this invitation to meet with AishaBuhari, and now a laughing stock that Senator Bola Tinubu is rebuilding while next to him and behind him women cabals are destroying. Tribal War in Babylon. What lessons learned.

This is a wakeup call to other loyalist to be alerted and caution in accepting responsibilities.

Francis John, Kansas City USA.