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Dapchi Girls - 10 Questions Police Leadership Must Ask

By yemi olodo
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With serious concerns about insecurity in the educational sector; the police leadership in a given area are duty bound to map out the way their command would address security challenges and mitigate against it

The following ten questions must be addressed by the police leadership in their jurisdiction:

1. Has the police command carried out a security risk impact assessment?

2. Based on the impact assessment, do they have a delegated senior officer assigned to be responsible for school security in their jurisdiction?

3. Has the police command setup a school security committee in their area of command?

4. Are selected police officers provided with specialist training on school security management?

5. What early warning system is embedded in all school within their area of command?

6. Has the police establishment provided the schools within their command guidelines and protocol for the management of security in their respective vicinity?

7. Does the police command provided sufficient resources to activate an incident room (or establish a command and control centre) in the case of an emergency?

8. Has the police leadership setup a designated telephone line to handle emergency issues and gather intelligences from the public?

9. Has the police leadership employed the service of a media consultant to train designated police officers on how to convey into the public during major incidences?

10. Does the police leadership have regularly monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss community tension issues and strategic re-deployment of police assets to address these challenges?

Temitope Olodo is a Preventive Terrorism Expert and Author based in the United Kingdom; He is the President of Africa Security Forum (UK)