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Lagos tackles domestic waste, begins allocation of bins to houses

By Adebayo Dawodu
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Following the restructuring of the waste management system in Lagos state, the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) has commenced the allocation of bins to residences in Lagos State to ensure each building gets a dedicated waste bin for proper disposal of waste.

The bin, a 240-liter or 1,100 liter green receptacle with an orange lid is currently being deployed to houses across Lagos. The exercise kicked off recently with targets to deliver 20,000 bins in 2 months beginning from Agege and Ikoyi areas of Lagos State with allocation based on property size, number of occupants and other factors.

CLI affirmed that the bins, which have been electronically tagged to facilitate prompt collection of waste andreduce incidences of theft and waste spillover,would eventually get to all houses in the state. Residents are expected to dispose their waste in the bins, which will be emptied regularly by Visionscape Sanitation, the Waste Collection Operator charged with residential waste collection.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Mr. Abiodun Bamigboye, reassured Lagosians that the various waste challenges they were concerned about would be effectively tackled by the Cleaner Lagos Initiative.

He asserted that “well-equipped and trained workers known as Community Sanitation Workers (CSWs) have been deployed, bins are currently going around to every house and fleets of vehicles suitable for specific purpose are on ground to deliver the task.”

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