Gov. Gaidam Approves Placement of Additional 110 Medical Students on Salary GL. 07

By Ahmed Abu, The Nigerian Voice, Damaturu
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Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe state has approved the placement of additional 110 medical students on salary Grade Level 07.

The 110 students will join 389 others who have already been placed on the government's payroll.

The 07 salary grade level take-home pay is designed by the Yobe State Government to incentivize medical students and get them to return and serve in the state on completion of their MBBS degree training.

Head of the Civil Service, Alhaji Saleh Abubakar said it will cost the State Government N41, 392, 560.00 per annum to pay the additional 110 medical students who have just been enrolled into the government's payroll.

With the setting up of a new Medical College at the Yobe State University and a new Yobe University Teaching Hospital, the goal of H.E Gov. Gaidam is to cultivate Yobe's homegrown and home-trained corps of medical doctors who will join in providing the medical services that people all across the state need.