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Dreamers Project winners to meet Vice President Yemi Osibanjo

“The best way to create the future is to imagine it”
By Abubakar Usman
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On January 19, 2018 15 Primary 6 winners of the 2017 Dreamers Project across selected public primary schools in Abuja will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo. The visit to the villa promises to be an exciting one as students get to sit and ask questions while presenting their vision boards to the highest office of the land. The event is organized by Read2Succeed (R2S) Africa, a non-profit organization committed to improving the state of basic education in Nigeria.

The Dreamers Project is an initiative of R2S Africa that inspires students to dream and design the future. This initiative is a three-week program that delivers goal-setting, a rich array of speakers from diverse professional sectors and a vision board exercise that helps the students to be intentional on designing their future. This attempts to advance past a decayed education system that produces students who are schooling but not learning. The Project currently runs in five schools in Abuja where efforts are being made to connect education and skills to the future of work.

The meeting will be an interactive session to recognise the winners of the Dreamers Project as Nigeria’s future workforce and to showcase what good leadership looks like. This will also provide the Vice President with insight into the minds of the pupils through the rich dreams captured on their vision boards while giving the pupils an experience of a lifetime to see a role model who has successfully transformed his dreams into a reality.

R2S Africa believes that ‘dreams have no jurisdiction’ so this visit to the villa showcases that fact as students from poor backgrounds will get access to sit and learn from the Top Teacher- Mr. Vice President. The excursion also aims to unravel the mystery of leadership in Nigeria by not just telling students they are the future but by showing and grooming students to be leaders in the making.