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Ladies Stop Spending Money on Fashion…Actress, Carolyne Danjuma Warns

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Carolyne Danjuma, is one of many successful Nigerian actress and she is all out this New Year to motivate other ladies to plan well.

The actress might not be regular on the big screen and that is because she has lots of personal projects to attend to including businesses which has been doing fine.

Carolyne having seen the way some ladies live their lives and the way they spend, she has taken time out to warn that ladies should not invest their little money on fashion rather, they should consider investing in properties no matter the area as it never depreciates.

“Dear ladies, this year should be about redefining you . Use your data to search for short courses online, learn a new profession. Spend your money on buying lands and properties even if it’s in remote areas (lands never depreciate in value) , rather than new bags , shoes and dresses or cars .. Read the business newspaper, watch business news. Learn your current affairs ... ensure you can have an intelligent conversation. List out things that appreciate in value to invest your money, time and energy. You should never be a liability. Cut down on wasteful things.. You only get the respect you deserve when you are smart, intelligent, dependable and resourceful. let this year be the beginning of a new you .

“You ain’t too young to own a house of your own. Never be ashamed, even if it means you selling puff puff. Stop selling your dignity for peanuts in a quest to go to Dubai or buy Brazilian wig. Walk into your bank and ask for the investment banker, do not be shy to ask questions even if you don’t have the actual money. If you don’t ask questions you will never know there are answers. Solely I have opened six companies. I work hard every day, some days are tough but I am determined to be an independent woman who can afford anything she desires. I always say if your man buys you a Royce on your birthday, buy him a Bugatti. be a formidable woman . Your main priority is not to be successful for another but to be successful for yourself . Love yourself enough to add value to you.. focus, vision, mission , knowledge , power , humility , prayer, hard work , determination , resilience etc .. Lastly learn how to say NO to things that don’t add value to YOU. For every money that enters your account, take out 20 percent and save in a new account (fixed deposit) , u can buy treasury bills too when the percentage is juicy .. I want to see more independent young women.”