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Uganda's 'little Girl' Is Gone, And Its Sad In The Country!

By Abbey Semuwemba
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Firstly, thank you so much MPs and all of you for the support, fight and LOVE - gosh the LOVE that has come through has been amazing - I have told our little 'girl' of all the well wishing and thoughts. She knows your love for her despite finally being locked up in a room somewhere in Rwakiitura, western Uganda, till 2037 when her 'kidnapper' will officially be 93 years old and 51 years in power. Children are a burden for some of these billionaires in office,you know.

This is one sad Christmas story for majority of Ugandans.I was notified Wednesday evening (Dec 20th 2017) via email(Ugandan At Heart Forum updates) and followed a couple hours later by a phone call that article 102b that has been protecting our sick girl is gone.I read this message over several times in disbelief of how can anyone be so cold and cruel to do this a few days prior to Christmas. There were tears saying goodbye to our little girl and lonely faces yesterday. I feel people need to know what a flawed system we have in place. Two words describe it "unethical and cruel".

The little girl came home with chairman Museveni yesterday, she is so frail and broken. Yesterday, 19 NRM MPs and opposition MPs( minus Hon. Nabila Naggayi(who stayed out of it on the last day), 9 MPs in jail and suspensions, and Hon. Beatrice Anywar(who voted for her suffering), dripped some fluid into her, talked to her and tucked her up with a kiss and a blessing to make it through the day so we can try to give her enough energy to fight. Hon.Nantaba Hydah and several NRMs also opted to stay away from the house to fight for the little girl.

Ugandans would have slept better tonight knowing she has taken the most important and the hardest step - to continue to fight for her life, which has been shockingly shit up since 2005 when one of the articles(presidential term limits) protecting her,was also removed. We love all our little girls(Judiciary, Executive and Legislature/ constitution), and actually every little girl I meet!!! But little constitution, she and us were meant to be together and I am willing whatever powers there are out there to afford us that for a while at least, so she knows true love and peace!!!

Poor sweet baby, I hope she makes it. So heartbreaking to see this. And just so people can have her parents' oil, land, properties that were meant to look after her and her siblings!!! Oh how I wish I could do more to end this suffering!!!

If you hate our little girl,Constitution, and spread superstitions about her, you arent a friend of most Ugandans. No,Ugandans will find a way to remove you from office. If they fail, God will eventually remove you,and He never fails. If you doubt this, ask that old man in Zimbabwe who used to call himself a life president of his country. Passions run high when institutions fail and people are thrown back on their own resources. This can entail refashioning values and beliefs. It can be life or death. It can seem quasi-religious. But gaps can and are filled in the old outmoded system of categories and a new order emerges.This is an age of conflict with a hoary broken system that exists for its own sake and seeks to preserve itself and its profits.

Despite the fact the MPs have given themselves a cool 7 year term starting this current term, we should find a way of recalling them before they do anymore damage to our little girl.We have elected officials arresting their constituents for peaceably gathering to talk to them or their opponents, we have elected officials who flat out wont take calls, answer emails, or talk to their constituents in any productive way.We have elected officials who are only in parliament for money than anything else,and this needs to stop.

Again, thank you EVERYONE, from the bottom of mine, constitution's and every little girl atleast in safety - Thank you and thank you all MPs who tried everything possible to preserve the presidential age limits.We must continue to speak out.Constitution is stressed and sad, so please help us find a new home for her soon!


*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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