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How genuine is the agitation to zone the 2011 governorship to the Yewa-Aworis? Is the agitation democratic?

I think the argument is democratic and very much in line with both the constitution of the PDP and the 1999 constitution. In the PDP constitution, section 7.2C also backs it. I might not be able to quote it very well, but it says that zoning shall be recognized in the party.

Again, the issue of federal character, which we use, is also an attempt to ensure that there is equity. It is some form of zoning too. So I will say the agitation is very correct, democratic and constitutional. It has to do with fairness, equity and peace.

In the 34-year history of this state, no politician dead or living from Yewa-Awori had ever ruled this state before. Ogun stands on four legs—Egba, Yewa-Awori, Ijebu and Remo.

Egba has done eight years,Ijebu has done its own;Remo is about to complete eight years, it is only the Yewas that has not ruled before, so if they are allowed in 2011, it will be fair.

I remember that in 1999, it was agreed that the Southwest should produce the next president because of what happened in 1993.That is called zoning, where the whole country decides that a particular region be allowed to produce the president because of a perceived injustice.

Of course some politicians from other areas decided to contest, but the majority of the people of Nigeria rejected them and followed those that want the President from the Southwest.

Is it true that Yewa-Awori does not have quality politicians that can lead Ogun State?

I consider that argument uncharitable and unfair to the people of the zone.

Have you heard the allegation before?
Yes, but it is always from those that want to talk down the people of the zone. A zone that has well over one million people cannot be said to have poor quality people. I was fortunate to school in Abeokuta and went to the university with some of the people in Egbaland. We were never known to be inferior to anybody.

At the risk of being immodest, Yewa-Awori has high caliber people in medicine, politics, law, sports, journalism, the military, and other fields and I know they are doing very well, we are even better than people from some areas in the state in some areas. I completely disagree with anyone that says we don't have high caliber people to lead Ogun State.