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Why do some Arabs and Jews hate Blacks?

By Abbey Semuwemba
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'We, Blacks, were put in this world by God as a test for other races'---My Wife

Sad, despicable and disgusting. Few are the times when I have been so dismayed at reading the current treatment of blacks in both the Arab world and Israel. Some Arabs, not all Arabs, looks at blacks as slaves or disgusting creatures. You only need to meet a mentally ill Arab to understand this, he will tell you this to your face. Some Jews also look at blacks as a race that shouldn't be near them, a reason Israel is now shipping them elsewhere. I'm actually surprised that both Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame have accepted to take in Israel Blacks as refugees, for a price of $50,00 per person, before openly putting up a defence of the rights of blacks to live freely anywhere in the world.As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs Nazis?There is no white politician that I can conjure up in my worst nightmares who would ever consent to have such a deal before openly condeming the black discrimnation.

I recently saw a pretty interesting (to me, anyway) movie drama called "Taking Sides". The plot takes place in Germany shortly after WW II and covers the trial of Furtwangler by the Americans. Stellan Skarsgard played Furtwangler and Harvey Keitel played the American officer charged with prosecuting him.When it comes to injustice, a leader should be seen to be taking the side of justice, and not perpuating injustice because of the financial gains. I can bet that Museveni is now looking at this deal as a real money deal. Think about it, $10,000 for two blacks, who would say no to that? And you say, slave trade ended,lol?

I once toyed with the idea of writing a book about the way blacks, particulalry Ugandans and Rwandese abroad, are treated in the UK and USA by their employers in comparison to the employers at home. But then I realised that the views from diaporans would likely cement the idea that blacks prefer to live under whites than their own. I, myself, realised that I nolonger have the freedom to travel freely to my home country, Uganda, because of simply my personal views online against the Museveni government. Whenever i'm down there,I'm like walking on egg shells,and there's a lingering feeling at the back of my mind that i'm gonna be picked up anytime by the partisan security forces.

The major injustice we are looking at is the punishment by death of people who are not individually culpable of any serious crime. Hitler did so on the basis of "race". Lenin and his epigonies did so on the basis of social class, as defined by the requirements of who the leader of the proletarian vanguard happened to be at the time. Some Arabs are killing blacks working as maids in their countries on the basis of 'race'. There's a Ugandan lady I know who went to work in the Middle east and came back as a nutter. Apparently, in the house where she used to work, both the father and sons used to rape her at night in turns. It was, at first, difficult for her to escape, because they had confiscated her passport.

A childhood friend and cousin of mine who keeps going to Saudi Arabia for Umra and to visit an uncle of ours there, told me something recently, that left me feeeling sad. He was standing in prayers at Masjid Al-Haram, next to an Arab, but the later kept moving his foot away from him, thus leaving a gap in between, which is contratry to Islamic norms in a prayer. That's why its important that people separate Arab behaviours and cultures, and Islam.

People should know that blacks are not as stupid as we are made out to be. All races have their own advantages over others, and we need each other. For example, most black men are known to have strong voices and bodies.Suppose Martin luther king, Obama and Malcolm x had voices of don knots or Jackie chan, they would have been laughed at. Strong voice can sometimes win respect even when you're talking nonsense. Blacks invented a lot of stuff, lke peanut butter, traffic lights, e.t.c, that revolutionalised our lives. We are involved in a lot of good stuff, the world just needs to give us a chance, but most of all, we need to give ourselves a chance!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba writes from UNITED KINGDOM

"In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism."