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Upon The Listening Moonlight

By Adeola Ikuomola
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The sea is a fortress of distraction
And the embassy of commotion
The cornerstone of terrorism
Roaring like a bloody lion

Speaking on his locomotive standing
And for his federal characteristics
The sea wobbled and waddled
Like the breached handbags

The sea for the melodious bandwagons
Activated the rare contentious gongs
To deafen the youngest sunlight
Upon the listening moonlight

Abreast the lyrically illuminated utterances
Reasons were born with the salty seasons
Where the pens prevailed with travails
Enumerating member Decembers

The high sea mourned his regional isolation
Like the mountains wooing the rainbows
Bats and owls were returned homesick
On the dark elbow of the sinking sun