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INCA in collaboration with OLG Autism Celebrated their First Dance with Special Needs Kids.

By Regina Onyegbula
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The Program Director, Comprehensive Autism and Related Disabilities Education and Training Academy (CARDETA), an NGO, Lola Aneke has on Friday called on parents with children to pay more attention to the children.

Aneke made the call at the launch of the first dance session with children with special needs in Abuja.

She noted that children with special needs have great talents and patience and persistence is the way to mould them.

''We provide the services for children with Special needs and provide for their caregivers as well.

''We choose children with special needs and not other children because, anybody can teach a normal child but it takes a special person to be able to teach children with special needs.

''People don't reach out to the foundation more, so we decide to cover that gap. I told Mrs Izuwha that it was a fantastic job and am going to take it up from here," she said.

Mr Johnson Aniekeme, the Dance Director, said that the aim was to give the children a platform by showing them different styles of performance in music, dancing and arts.

''We are here for kids and have a passion for reaching out to kids letting them find their skill to a profession and it does not matter what experience they had, we belive that we can grow kids at every level and their is so much potential in them.

''So what the INCA do is that we seek platform for kids by showing them different styles of performance in music, dancing, art etc.

''But first we try to guide them to find their own first self love from within and their passion, so we just came to do a very short dance secession for the kids.

Aniekeme said that the INCA just kicked off, its kind off our official class and we felt it will be really good to give it to them instead of giving it to the general public.

''And also, what you think you have gotten as an experience may also be your starting point when you go to new environment, ''he said''.

Dr Doris Izuwah, Director of the foundation, was overwhelmed by the exhibition of the children with special needs

Izuwah said i was excit when this collaboration with the INCA dance group came to help our special need children and ''I known nothing is too small for my kids''.

This activities is giving them a total inclusiveness because their is a lot of activities out their they can do by the time they go out for parties, functions etc.

She encouraged parents and guidance to see special needs kids as every normal child who needs assistance to discover his or her potentials.