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The Selfishness Of Female Love... A Formidable Brewery Of Monumental Tragedy!

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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Germinating from a pervasive feminine mindset of "his money belongs to both of us while my money is mine", the female propensities for unbridled adherence to males for pecuniary gains is no less pedestrian than vain.

We regularly witness them profess "love" to unwary males on the condition that the latter "is capable of providing for their needs" . This is the minimum quality a woman would ordinarily expect of a man before looking in his direction!

It is a mere escalation of this latter premise into arrogated ownership of the man and his very existence that propels women to kill men for relatively mundane reasons!

I see that some women are currently advocating for male murder...on the disgraceful altar of revolution! I doubt if this is the right response to the slaying of a husband by his wife as reported from Zamfara State of Nigeria.

This response from the female folks urging fellow women to kill their husbands allegedly for abusing or cheating on them must be roundly condemned!

Quite unfortunately, our national tabloids and social media gleefully publish these inciting statements.

Now, my admonition to owners and managers of media houses: Allowing violence to be perpetrated on one's medium without restraint is undisguised acquiescence!

Some articles deserve to be expunged at sight....and some persons deserve to be sanctioned for the content and tone of their comments. The more so if such comments promote violence especially on the basis of tribe, race, religion or gender.

That in my humble opinion, defines responsibility!

You cannot.... repeat, cannot allow promotion of violence on your platform unchecked and stay aloof on an altar of neutrality!

After all, it's your forum.....

Dr Tosin Akindele is currently writing his biography, The Tragedy of Truth. He is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.