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The Menace of Illegal Immigration.

By Mona Azih
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The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL), is embarking on a massive information and awareness campaign against the illegal immigration of Nigerian youths to abroad. We have recorded with heavy hearts, the untimely death of our youths who sold everything they had in order to live a better life in abroad.

Most of these youths ended up in the Mediterranean sea while others die in the desert or have their organs harvested. The majority is being sold into slavery in Libya. What a shame. Migrants are trapped in detention camps not only in Libya and Italy but other Countries..

The President of NNA-NL, Chief Evelyn Azih, in a letter she sent to Chevelyns Care Foundation Enugu, she urged the Widows to channel all their energy in training their children and to always caution them to be more careful in their decision making.

She urged the Federal Government to initiate door to door information dissemination campaign on the danger of illegal immigration in order to curb this menace in our Society and develop more programmes that will engage and empower the youths. She advised that a Vocational Training Program should be put side by side with the one Year Youth Service so that our graduates can receive a one Year Vocational training in any field of their choice immediately after their Youth Service. This, she said, will not only create self employment for the Youths, but will equip them to face the World and be independent. It will equally change their mindset and channel their energy into acquiring more trainings to become the best in their chosen fields. SMEs should also be supported as they create over 85% employment. This, she said, is essential to building a stronger economy, achieving internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability.

She implored well meaning Nigerians to also invest in Vocational and Technical Education in order to train our Youths in different technical fields to secure their future and disabuse their mind from 'travelling abroad by all means syndrome'

According to her, an educated person can differentiate between right and wrong or good and evil. Education helps Youths to develop their full potential. She stressed that learning is the most powerful tool in the world because the more you know the better you will get along in the world. It is the basis of culture and civilization and instrumental in the development of our values and virtues as it helps individuals in planning for the future, and taking the right decisions in life. According to her, Education gives an insight into living, and teaches people to learn from experience. It creates self-confidence, and increases the ability to think right, analyze, and judge better.

She encouraged the Youths to apply for study and strive hard to meet all the requirements as stipulated by the Universities. The process might be tough and will take a longer time, but the end justifies the means.

She ended with the slogan: