Nigeria Ranked Lowest Range In Governance, Freedom, Health But High In Civic Participation, Social Capital

Source: Dr. Perry Brimah
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Nigeria ranked 121 of 149 countries in governance, 117 in education, 142 in health, 145 in security, 144 in freedom and 106 in natural environment, preservation. Interestingly, the country ranks quite high, 59 in one index: "Social Capital," which the London-based Legatum Institute research institute qualifies: "measures the strength of personal relationships, social network support, social norms, and civic participation in a country." The institute released its 10th annual global Prosperity Index last November

@EveryNigerian: Keep talking, keep participating. Stay active in the issues that govern you. Do not be silenced. #DemilitarizeNigeria! The word "Idiot" by the Greeks from the word "idiōtēs," "Idiota" means a "private citizen," a "commoner" not an "official," a person not involved in the issues that governs him. Never be an idiot! @CabalMustGo for Nigeria to grow.

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