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An Open Letter to Pastor Yemi Osinbajo

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Dear Pastor, don't be another useful idiot.

I have been following the trends of events orchestrating by our revered Pastor cum politician, his Excellency Yemi Osinbajo, the 2nd in command of our dear nation. It seems his mental integrity and dignity has been infiltrated by Aso rock demons or he was trying to play to gallery to suit his boss for political correctness.

I'm still wondering how an erudite Professor of law will be dishing out contradicted information on sensitive national issues back to back without any refrain. He came out to clear doubt on $26bn contracts saga of NNPC but published another version few days later. He did same on 2nd Niger bridge.

It seems you're acting scripts written by your boss handlers to misinform the innocent public.

The worst of it all is how they have turned you to Commander in Chief of mess and fraud clearance. Saddening to hear you as national rift mediator on monumental corruption and executive rascality cases now ending by meeting parties involved before your desk.

Surprisingly, you are now author of pettiness where corrupted officials and their accusers will be forced to become friends in the eyes of the public. Dear Pastor, you are no more in term with your faith.

Another unbecoming acts by you is boarding the blame wagon like your boss and his apologists. You can't be blaming your predecessor for your government irredeemable failures after about three years in power. If Obasanjo was blaming Abacha, he wouldn't have achieved what he did. The blames game you and your boss are playing will earn you nothing.

Kindly remember how Gowon used your father in law, sage Awolowo, how your boss used Oke of NIA. NIA boss was used, dumped and replaced by a northerner but his co-partner in crime was allowed to choose his successor. Today, one Magu is doing press-up to arrest him while Babachir is a free man.

Please be wise and don't be another useful idiot.

Ifedayo Obi,

Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates