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 Post Election Blues: "Obiano Spent this and That"

By Ejimonu Udenka
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They have started again. Even before the ink that nailed their four years of lies and fabrications is yet to dry on the ballot papers. The "sore losers" as their bruised candidate would describe them are ratcheting up their "hate speech" and lies with the intent to diminish the import of the political tsunami that just swept across Anambra.

Instead of taking the olive branch extended by the magnanimous victor, Chief Willie Obiano, they have once more commenced the spread of spurious claims and sponsored reports about what the Governor of Anambra state may have spent on the recently concluded gubernatorial elections. They are goading partisan advocates who masquerade as civil society groups and party chieftains who are still licking their wounds to commence another sortie of lying without considering the mood of discerning ndi Anambra. Whilst they are at it, they cleverly avoid a discussion that highlights their own expenses or acknowledge that their hate-filled strategy failed.

Pray, what do they stand to gain? If they could not distract Obiano since March 2014, what gives them the inkling that they can succeed now that he is battle tested and rearing to leave a lasting imprint of development and solid achievements on Anambra in the next four years.

I have no doubt that it is the spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by the victorious Obiano in the acceptance comments that may have restrained most analysts from highlighting the winners and losers so as not to stir the pains of a resounding loss experienced by some at the polls.

Please tell them to desist from the worn path of smear campaign and swallow their pride by joining hands with him now or forever regret the opportunities lost.