The Coup Of 2015 General Election- What Goes Around Comes Around

By Igwe Chijioke Paul
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In 2014, Nigeria was on the verge of what the world called the collapse of African most populous black nation. The antecedences were there, preparations were made, and the drums of war were beating in all the sphere of her territory. The soil terrain were calling out for blood, for justice in all fronts, will the leading black nation or if you may the giant of Africa disintegrate into different states with the likes of Soviet Union.

There is this clique in the world, if you like that has been incharge and involve all over the world for regime change whether military, or civilian, whether violent or democratic plot to change of government all over the world.

The gland plan: with GEJ administration anti-guy right passed into law; any perpetrator will be severely prosecuted and sentenced to twenty eight years in prison. Nigerians cheered and sent gift to one another that the big evil has been defected. Between 2011-2015, the than administration had rejected US progressiveness and the agenda of the extreme lifter in many fronts as Barak Obam pointed out in Kenya, that Africa has rejected progress because she rejected guy right. They threaten to withdraw grants because she rejected her of life and moreso, that African culture is threatened by a strange culture that is alien to African people. His administration could not take it or major world leaders. The French ambassador to Nigeria among many came forward, and spoke out against the position of Nigeria and Africans on that issue.

What they would not take for complete takeover of Africa was for the giant to yield to her will and way of life….they knew if Nigerian would agree, the rest of Africa would follow….because Africa follows the way Nigeria goes. There has never been a regime change in African soil, be it military or democratically that Nigeria is not aware of - for instant, when they wanted regime change in Libya, to depose the than Libyan president, Nigeria and south Africa have to veto it…or about military ceasing power in Zimbabwe, for a possible regime change. How is it that after that Mugabe spoke highly against Trump, at Union General Assembly, he came home only to meet hostility. How about Buhari been compelled by the west, even though it was against African Union chart on internal affair (for member nation (s) to interfere in their domestic issues but can only advice). He took the lead and threatened the formal president of Gabon……. with the Nigeria military mighty, if he does not yield to democratic decision. This is because they feared it was a threat to democracy in Africa when he reneged after accepting defect.

The formal president of Liberia, Charles .T, was never prosecuted neither by his nation nor international court of justice, Hague because he was a CIA operative. They are above the law………the CIA is the big enemy.

I once read an article where the formal military and civilian president of Nigeria, Olusengun Obasanjo said before anybody can be president in Nigerian, the US and Britain will sanction it. It’s not only in Africa but in major countries of the world.

Balack Obam’s administration alongside some US top government officer came together, they wanted a non violent regime change in Nigeria using a political process, and they wanted a stooge in Abuja, someone who is flexible, not anti western policy and with less or no story of corruption. Though they needed approval from the queen’s government being the formal colonial master and has a lot of interest in the region. Once Britain gave her consent, the vehicle to carry out this sinister plan began to unfold in a major scale.

The first was formation of triangular alliance. This alliance includes; the US government, the British government and some few Nigerians. Nigerians who are both politicians and CIA officials. Those who felt not favored, those who were totally ignored in the scheme of things(foot soliders-Boko Haram) or those who felt been boycotted in decision making and those whose opinions were not sort for by the then administration. They met outside Nigeria and agreed on certain things and they went home to carry out the respective mandate.

The second phase was to create problems within Nigeria or to escalate the already existing problem - increase terrorism in North- East region of Nigeria leading to political and economic unrest. The US government gave terror those weapons and sponsored the mass killing of Nigerians and refused to sale weapons to Nigeria government to counter their agenda in Nigeria soil. They secretly threatened other nations or groups (illegal arm dealers- to shut down their operations within the region-Africa) that Nigeria may wish to approach for arm purchase. The same reason all efforts to purchase weapon legally failed us all over the world, even with our neighboring country South Africa….did they not all say they wouldn’t sell because that government was corrupt.

The money found in the privet jet, how was it discovered? Who leaked the information to the South African security operatives? – Money meant to purchase weapons to fight terror or was it money laundering as they tagged it ? It was devils alternative- That government could not accept that it was patronizing illegal dealers nor the owner of that plane to Nigerians or the world-for obvious reasons, it was plausible deniability.

This is what you need to know about corruption in Nigeria, since independence, each government that came up has always accused the previous government of corruption. Nevertheless, Olusgun Obasango administration practiced open corruption; big sack bags commonly known in Nigeria as GMO were exchanging hands in the Aso Rock villa, and National assembly, etc. it was even shown on TV. So much corruption was seen than as much as in the subsequent administration. American allowed that much corruption in that government never spoke about regime change, never criticized it, never constructively spoken against it. This is because he was dancing to the tones of their music, two he is a CIA operative, and not the sole reason they gave to us- democracy in Nigeria is in infancy. The big deal is, the fight was not about corruption.

They did what they needed to do to label that administration corrupt and incompetent. Otherwise, their agenda will not thrive- President Trump in one of his debates also pointed out to the fact and accused Obam’s government of aiding the operations of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the escalation of the same and Hillary Clinton to continue the same agenda if she won.

The name of Boko Haram, may have started because of failure in leadership in the Northern Nigeria but many people do not know also that it was a political tool not only to destabilize Nigeria economically but to depose the government via a skewed political process.

When the UN office in Nigeria was attacked, the CIA and British intelligence (MI6) knew about it…this was what they wanted, minimal collateral damage, to make an impression not only in the heart of Nigeria people but international community – create doubt in the ability of that administration to lead and counter terror. Many Nigerians did not care much when it was northerners killing Christians in the north and Christian northerners and demolishing infrastructures but, when that attack hit the capital and scores of other attacks followed, it was a different ball game.

The Chibok scheme was instigated and carried out to undermine the efforts of that administration and present her before the international body as a weak and corrupt government incapable of bring leadership and direction to her people. With the attack on the UN building, and the Chibok scam, many westerners who did not like the plan to change that government had no option than to veto it. This was why after the election, even though they knew under aged voted and there were lots of electoral malpractices, and the election was rigged they all cheered and still called it free and fair election in Nigeria.

Why do you think that Jonathan and president Buhari had to sign a peace treaty twice to accept the outcome of the election? The contingent plan was contingent upon the failure of the first…the second will take effect-That is Jonathan not accepting the outcome of the election and crisis erupt.

Two, if he won and the northerners carry out the killing of the southern Nigerians in the north. Whichever outcome, US sanctioned it.

With the boundaries of the Nigerian via north highly compromised by insurgence, insecurity was high and the security operatives in Nigeria unable to abate the already raised tension because they were not trained on counter terrorism neither were they well equipped. The media was used against Jonathan, so he was fighting war at all fronts. Jonathan’s administration was also accused of incapable of protecting life and property, and providing security.

The then chief of army staff, Iheajirika, was changed not because he was incapable of fighting terror but mainly because the planers feared that he was a critically player- they did not like his methods which were effective in combating terror- they fear he was a game changer, so they needed to find a way to remove him if their plan were to work.

The political actors from the North, has only two cards to play in that process, one was his age issue and the other - they accused him of being an Ibo man, they labeled his fight not a fighting against terror but avenging the blood of fallen Biafra heroes in the civil war. The government succumbed to that pressure and Nigerians witness an endless blood bath after what-it became Jonathan’s dilemma.

With election set in Nigeria, Jonathan was advised to remove Prof. Jaga, who was accused to have held a meet with the US officials, some of the western and northern politicians in Dubai to rig the election in favor of the presidential aspirant from the North…the west were of the opinion that there will be a repeat –in the death of a sitting presidency – thus returning power to west. Jonathan refused, believing that he, Prof. Jaga, would do the needful, conduct a credible election regardless but he was out for trusting a fox.

How was it that most persons who did not support and had spoken against Buhair in 2011 turned around in 2015 to give him all the support and machinery he needed.…..they say a dog does not go back to his vomits….but in Nigeria they do. This is because the US has given both fronts an offer they could not rejects…They know the east will not go against that administration, they’ve studied Nigeria and the political game plans and outcomes.…they knew north alone cannot win, nor the west alone but a combination of any of the three regions. So, they turned to the other regions

They offered the north power because they knew it was the only thing she wanted and offer the west the same - a back door into power- another death of a sitting president. Whichever eventuality –they US still wins. If power is taken from Jonathan to the north, the US wins. If a sitting president dies and power is returned to west, the US wins…both parties are happy, US kept their word and wouldn’t blame the US; for all got what they wanted.

Why is it that not more than three years Nigerian legislature passed into law, law against gay right, three years after, Bob-risky, a young man who turned woman, and notable for his provocative exposure of his gayism was released some few hours after his arrest by the Nigeria Police Force…..and the law of the land did not take effect. Who released Bob-risky from jail? Both should be arrested and prosecuted. This is part of the arrangement, the new government made with the west, for the government to be flexible towards the gay community and to encourage people who are gays to come clean-whenever one of their own is arrested, they came calling -like the issue of Bob-risky. Where is law in Nigeria and where are the enforcers of law?

The US government colluded with Nigerian key political players to rig 2015 presidential election and put an uneducated president of their choice into power in Nigeria. And they made her more backward than she has ever been.

It was good for US to rig elections in Africa, to sponsor coup in Zimbabwe and Turkey but raised eyebrow when Trump won their presidential election. They accused president Trump, his son and campaign manager of colluding with the Russian government to rig election in the US.

Why do you think President Mugabe reneged from going on with the read of his resignation after that the army had instructed him to and he agreed to it. He knew better, that his successor would be a stooge not only to rubbish him but to be used to destroy his monuments and burn them to the ground. The military taken power was only the first stage of their plot. Not after what he did to Trump.

The Obam’s administration was changed because his foreign policies were anti Russia and Mrs. Clinton wanted to carry on with that policy if she won the election.

What she did to Nigeria, Russia did to her.

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