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State Of The Nation

Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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Aren't Nigerians a funny people? A Man ignores the health sector of his nation, then shamelessly and remorselessly scampers abroad to mend his own health at great expense to his countrymen who he has ignored to die!

I don't see why I should care if this same selfish man drops dead!

Everything about the Man reeks of selfishness... from this health matter to his tribalism so evident from his filling most security positions and others with his kinsmen!

If cornering all national resources for northerners and foreclosing all negotiations about restructuring while not letting go of the current bents not selfishness, what then is selfishness?

Stating that the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct might have made some sense if the Man had allowed dialogue and restructuring!

How can anyone force me to stay in a union, stifle my progress in the guise of Federal Character as he precludes me from public offices for which I am eminently qualified in preference for his mediocre bothers, precludes my child from university education by lowering entry pass marks to 30%, continue to despoil my environment as he preens for oil or some other resource which he corners for his kinsmen "only", mindlessly fills all positions in the armed forces with his kinsmen only, yells that I may not leave such lousy union or even grumble about it?

What arrant nonsense !!!

Noone has a monopoly of violence!!!!!

What do you say about rulers who rather than be agents for dousing this trends... tend to be the actual trigger points and shameless perpetuators of this state of affairs.

What in specific terms would you say about the selfish and tribalistic stance of Buhari? Would you rather blame the Igbos who are merely reacting?

He then says we can't even take to our heels from this arrangement!

A thief robs you blind in broad daylight, you make no move to retrieve your wares from this robber. You attempt to flee and he says you can't even flee!

Let's dump all parasites and all lazy bones who want us to wait for them to "catch up" in the guise of National Spread or Federal Character!

Bigot Buhari has filled all security positions in the nation's armed and allies forces with his kinsmen and has mandated all of them to arrest us. Let them come and catch me!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Tosin Akindele is currently working on his biography, the Tragedy Of Truth. He is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.