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Cabalian Government Of Buhari, Vestigees Of Kaduna Mafia  And Macabre- Incommunicado Dance In The Village Square

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Miraim Macabre was the South African warlord in the apartheid era. She used music to play to the fore in the period of superlative drib- adrab in the Africanization of global trends. Pietta Bortha was stiffened by the glamorous display of artistry that was shown in the fiendish show of obscure rule of blackophorbism. Hence, Macabre dance is associated with fight to expose entrenched maladministration when exposure meant nothing. This dance only sequestrates with the adage of the kite carrying away the chicken where the chicken is heard and not to be rescued.

Corollary to this is the mathematical zero dividing zero which only divinity can solve, courtesy of L’ Hospital’s Rule. This is Macabre dance for you. Incidentally, both Mariam Macabre and Nelson Mandela on one hand , and Pietha Bortha on the other, have chewed the Gordian nut. But the dirge of claustrophic machination is yet zenithing untouched even in Nigeria , moreso, in Buhari’s Administration of highly koranic mien. What then is the anti- thesis? We are climaxing to zero in the maladministrative Macabre dance of Buhari in oxymoronic maxim: ‘ I belong to every body, and I belong to nobody’ . Classical innuendo of Shakeaspearin manipulation by a man unlethered enough to be a primary school general monitor, but by fateful placement, a number one citizen. Like the acupuntural treatment of hypertension by a convoy of illiterate lineagers in darkages’ , we are laid by the garthen path by a group of Kaduna mafia, who by aberrant ummahish manourvre, are niplusulthraed to directing others to taking a leap in the dark without questioning. That is why it is called Macabre dance in the village square because we are gagged , we are amputated, we cannot talk, we only can grumble.

Yes, we in Nigeria can only chew the fat and go to sleep in Buhari’s adminisration. Rhetorics and personalizd answers to pyrrhic question are the decoders in this babaric governmental enclave called Buhari’s Nigeria. Many a plausibly dissident Nigerian propounded a theory of cloning to define Buhari in absentia. Stratocumulus cloud of darkness enveloped Abia State that saw the compound of the touted dissident at Umuahia plundered with many deaths spiralling. Cumulonimbus aerial gloss befogging vision. Thus, we are lionized to mathematical aquare one because we are made to climb skysrappers on clutches.

Is Buhari alive? Is Buhari cloned? Is Nigeri- Sudan- Jubrin side talk a folklore? The truth is that this Umuahia dissident should remain quiet for God to do His job. The only cleavage of thought that can vent ideologue to favour this seemingly dissint Umuahian is that no Nigeria knowns the true health status of Buhari till date, expect the seven members of the Kaduna mafia. Is Buhari alive: Mamman Daura answer. Is Buhari – Jubrin –Sudan hypothesis a farce: Abba Kyri answer. Why is Ashia Buhari jittery: Lawan Musa Daura respond. How much was spent in the London health trip: Hammid Ali answer. Who stole 25 billion US billion in October 2017 with Muhammadu Buhari as the authentic Minister of Petroeum: Abdulraman Dambazzu answer. Who recalled Maina: Abubakar Malami answer. Who re- absorbed Lamorde , a man that stole 2.4 billion naira into the civil service: Mallami and Dambazu answer.

Where are we going from here in the face of these outlandish corrupt practices by Buhari and his cohorts: Makanti Baru answer from NNPC. Who used penshioners money to buy two jeeps for Aisha Buhari, and why did Aisha Buhar ACCEPT rather than reject the Greek gift: Inspector General of Police (Idris) and Aisha Buhari answer.

Going to equity with clean hands : is it a farce or reality in Nigeria: Muhammadu Buhari answer. Where are we going from here: Muhammadu Buhari answer. Time to tell Buhari the raw truth is here, now. Buhari is the most corrupt Nigerian standing today. Buhari’s government is the most corrupt government ever in Nigeria. Buhari’s life in the public sector is replete with tetra- tonic corruption: 5.6 billion dollars miising in 1978 under him as Petroleum Minister in 1978, 53 Executive suits of billions of naira missing under him as Head of State in 1985, 25.76 billion naira missing under him as Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund,25 billiondollars missing under him as Petroleum Minister in October 2017 within two years of his administration, trilluions of naira cathed away altogether . How can we say that Buhari is not corrupt? Buhari has looked the other way round, while his Fulani brothers or muslim cohorts powder Nigerian treasury to zero . Why is Buhari now quiet over the 25 billion dollars missing with Baru as GMD of NNPC with him as Petroleum Minister?

Is Buhari alive and all these things are happening in his watchful eyes? Who is this Buhari afterall? Is he Jubrin from South Sudan? How can I believe that Buhari is alive and his people are stealing Nigeria dry under his watchful eyes? Is Buhari alive and his people are stealing Nigeria dry to this magnitude? This dissident from Umuahia is truly a prophet: is Buhari alive?


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