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Are you familiar with this superstitious belief that says, when you hear someone call your name, don't answer immediately; look around and ask anyone around if he called your name before you answer? Well, we grew up being told that. We are also told that if you already answered without knowing, your name should immediately be called out loud by the person nearest person to you there. All of this is just to avoid you from answering the voice of the spirits. Believe it or not, the whole of that day will be so sad for everyone related to the one whose name had been called by the 'spirits.' It is funny but they believe it and some how, they believe it happens and they actually back it up with stories. In those villages, they are careful with voices they hear calling their names.

It's yet another day and plenty of hours and time to either get it right or get it wrong. Have you ever asked yourself why you have never finished a good thing? Why you always believe that the road is suddenly too long for the idea you have? Have you also sat down to really think why you believe that the government is stampeding your progress and success in life?

My guys listen up! Wealth is health! You are what you eat! Take it or leave it but if the truth be told, you are your own creator, your own image maker, your own moulder, you must mix the clay how you want it to be…either thick or light, too thick or too light or you must have an eye for perfection to enable you get the best mix to mould the best you. Even if you are boxed in by someone or circumstance, in this life, you must face it squarely. It takes just you to box yourself out and the quicker you do it the better for you.

From experience, from all my years of toiling, from the dark days of selling garri, groundnut, pepper soup and what ever could just put food on the table for myself and my wife who I still don't know where she got the strength to be with me at that time, I have come to realise and know that you are the only road to your future. By this I mean that the people you call friends must be different from those you call acquaintance; your crowd must be resourceful. In my dark days, I knew that the very minute I let any negative person stay around me for a long time then am doomed. Several people thought I had gone mad, but who cared? I kept going and believing that I was headed somewhere great. That voice! Voices that speak to you are the voices that will either mould you into a fine image or mould you into the opposite. Just like the people in the village, don't answer to just every voice you hear calling out to you to stop that wonderful thing that will make you that great somebody that nations will want to be reckoned with. As it is said in the Bible, 'test every spirit, lest you be deceived by fake prophets who come in the name of the Lord deceiving people.' Yes, I instruct you to question that voice that speaks to you and says 'you are just wasting your time' and 'you can never become someone great in life.' That voice that says: 'look for something else to do so you don't make yourself a laughing stock.' This voice only speaks these lies to you because you have given it the space to come in and be around for a long time, so it is more like your second skin. It's scared of losing you to success, so it fights!

The question I then ask you is, why can't you fight back? The only time that negative voice has your time is when you are doing something great. As I said earlier, question that voice that tells you to look for something else to do because if you don't, and you keep listening to the wrong voice, you will never finish a good thing, you'll just keep moving and after a while, people will come to know that you are one unreliable human being who can never finish a thing so they stay off you because they want to be around those who are determined not to let a good thing remain unfinished. Check the voice! Test the voice!

Make less noise, so you can hear all voices and be able to discern the right one! Question all voices and what they speak!

Where's the echo coming from?
This is short and simple, my guys…..the echoes are coming from your fears. Start first by telling yourself that you can do it. One thing I have always said and I'll say it again and again is, if you stay in the same room with shit for a long time, in no time, you also begin to smell like shit. Simply put, if you keep telling yourself that no matter how rough, tough, narrowed and no matter the thorns you meet on the road and your walk way, you ain't going to give up, if you say this to yourself all the time then just watch what happens to your belief system because I know that what you say to yourself always is what dramatically happens to you because it has so filled your very being. So, what do you do? My brother, please, kill that fear one hand 'and move on to a greater place!

Finally, the voice you hear is only there as long as you make it believe that there's room in your life for it. You only be who need to be if you choose to listen to the voice I have listened to and am still listening to all my life. Your country or nation is just one of those caterpillars you must crush on your road to greatness if you really want to be there. Great Nigerian youth, never let the country take the praise of messing with your destiny because you can grab it with your hands. However, you can only grab it if you have the right voice that says, grab it! Yes, the country is messed up, but must we be messed up with it and mess up our dreams? The voice is telling you pot of lies. But must you listen? It's not as if you choose not to listen, the voice will kill you. Rather, the voice will leave you and look for some other empty soul. You must realise that the voice is just wandering, searching for space and ready to enter and take possession.

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