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Revolution Calls, Nigerians Obey

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For weeks now, I started having some cerebral dissection on what should be the next step in this country. Is it leadership? Oh those that have failed their origin and generations, Or Economy that will continue to face recession or development that cannot thrive unless other economies of developed countries thrive. What Nigeria seems to be in need seems obscure but I have cometo the conclusion that with possibility and of necessity, the calls that continues to sound is that of revolution? This hour is the right timing for Nigerian revolution to take place

Revolution; what does it stands for? Most people attribute the world revolution to violence which they now attribute as the core characteristics of revolution. Yes they are right.However, I profoundly propose that a violent revolution without a personal revolution is as good as bad and a waste of resources which is a sign of intellectual imbalance. Since there is no force on this earth that can change people who they themselves are not ready to change. The masses are the oppressed. Like I have always reiterate ‘Independence is for the rich, the poor are subjected to the British rule first and poverty at the long run. The purview I adopt on this term seems controversial. The choice of the topic may seems awkward but it my belief that men of high cerebral thinking will reason in my own line of argument. A revolution, A change that seem endless, a revolution of the mind and thought that transforms onto a pragmatic approach to halt the obvious and unobvious problems in Nigeria.

Ladies and gentlemen, the choice of this topic is not to cause or exercise ourselves in a sterile argument or debates which I view as a stale argument, spiritless and unstimulating; such talks will provide no solution to our perplexity or the perilous state of uncertainty we are. The revolution here is to challenge us to think outside the box, act with fresh and new vigor. Our fathers land needs us desperately. The revolution is an opportunity to overrun the old paradigm and insinuate a new beginning. This revolution is a factual appropriation of what self esteem and how uncompromising the identity symbol and identity is.

I want to ask everyone here an honest question and I hope to get in turn an honest answers. How many of us listing all the key factors that support livelihood, human development index and indices of human and material resources will consider Nigeria as the best place or perhaps the best place to be among the leagues of nations.Please look at how states handles politics, promotes and sustain their own dividend, handle political matter and sustain their identity and look at Nigeria, what a giant. At this time, I came to the conclusion that if a violent revolution is embarked upon with a mind revolution, it is a good as bad.The mind of every citizen especially the oppressed and the masses must be Revolutionized. Needless to say, if the mind of everyone is bearing for revolution, the practical one everyone desire to shake up the foundation of this country will come with a natural force that will distrupt all the vicious groups and their self interest in the nooks and crannies of the states which today are threat to our livelihood, existence and identity. Considering the politico-historical circumstances of Nigerian in the West Africa sub-region and the Africa continent, it will be opine to say that the current state of thing is grotesque, a vision of retrogression and a nostalgic and childhood glories it continues to depend on in the leagues of nation. What a state that need thorough revolution. The kind of orientation Nigerians had both in their formal and non-formal educational process has produced a defectiveforward thinking. Arguably let us examine every index of human development in conformity with theunited nations directives and the perspective, prospect of development academia has propound, which one can we fully say Nigeria has keened into. Nigerians needs not to deceive Nigeriansagain with fascinating social media and newspaper title saying Nigeria is developing. Oh those who we have trusted with our yams have not only depleted it but thrown the whole country into a state of famine. Hunger here and there has turned the whole social order into an order of negativity and ills among youth. Nigeria is static and lagging behind in the leagues of nation. Nay, it isin a state of retrogression and backwardness.

What invokes more vexation at this time than the mess every administrative structure the country is made up off. The change an administration promised the electorate since time has been proving to be on the platter of failure. The youth should believe the fact that they are still the future of this country. We are the future of Nigeria. Most leaders have proved to be myopic in their approach to national issues. The politician and godfathers in Nigeria politics know that the time of Nigeria revolution but they refuse to ignite it. I am writing to the youth power, the youth which the revolution firestorm could start from. There are very clear indications that they rob us every fiber of opportunity that could leads us to greatness. Nigeria has always been said to have sat on a keg of gun powder. Nigeria needs a revolution starting from individual mind then to thorough national revolution

Let us dissect a little bit deeper, we are not here discussing some idealistic issues but this is as visible and pragmatic as we all know. Leaders, political elite are ruining the future of this country. Sometimes, holding political power is not a problem but their inner motive of primitive accumulation of wealth termed as corruption is what we have to go against with a revolutionized mind so as to stop their ways of hamperingand hindering the features of development. Cum 2019, politician purchase high sounding speakers to project their false promises once more. Funny enough, the sounds, wave and echo of the speaker never draws the rich but the poor who still try all possible best to hear what the politician have to say maybe it will for once be in their own interest. Apparently enough, they say what the masses expect to hear to gather support and applauses. This may seems harsh, the argument still hold water; A revolution!

A revolution that transverse politics and policies, a revolution that is more than a change of government or harnessing the dividend of democracy, a revolution that re-construct our values, self esteem, pride and honor as a nation. I could relate from the words of Pastor Tunde Bakare who argues that it is a symptom of chronicnational laziness to blame the global economic down for Nigeria economic woes.

In a graphic summary, the crux of the matter remains the fact that one cannot change the destiny of people who they themselves are not willing and ready to change. Hope, Change, Nigeria will be better. What can we now doto affect our values, we need a revolution, first a mind revolution in everybody heart who know the definition of been a Nigerian and second, the pragmatic revolution that will come itself out of a natural force. Revolution calls, Nigerians must obey.

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