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'ok, Get Bail But We Shall Re-arrest You'...what The Hell Is That?

By Abbey Semuwemba
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I pray I'm still alive and healthy in a post-Museveni Uganda, because a lot of stuff,good and bad,mostly bad, have happened,and sometimes its hard to believe that all this is happening under Museveni's watch. Honestly, why would a court grant bail to somebody, only to be rearrested like a thief on their way home? The screams from that Muslim brother while being restrained by unidentified security agents, are still in my head.The whole video is very disturbing,and I'm not surprised that several Muslim leaders are now afraid of speaking up.Things have gone too peer-shapped and scary.The impunity of the security agents is under daily discussion. More recently, we have seen what plainclothed agents can do to terrorize people!

The judiciary is already so supine that Museveni and some party members are above the law. It reminds of the moments when Hitler disposed of the SA by simply murdering Ernst Rohm and his friends with his handgun,and nobody could dare say anything against him.Rohm was probably as powerful as our Kayihura before the boss turned against him.

I know my Muslim brothers and sisters are so upset, and I don't wanna specifically talk about the Kaweesa Murder, but If there is to be any future at all, it cannot be built on official stories and lies.

I guess we shall need another Truth and reconciliation Committee after our current 'friends' in Statehouse have gone. When? I don't know, but a lot of damage has been done,and there's a lot of pain.Reconciliation needs to happen, otherwise we go back to the same old disaster.

Sadly, the post Luwero-war inquiries and reconciliations were hardly noble in their scope.Everyone had an agenda and truth and reconciliation were far from most people's mind as they sought to get what they could out of the process.I find the cynicism that went on mind boggling.The Luwero war itself has produced what wasnt expected, and its sad.Its a like a rat who entered a library and ate his way through one million volumes for 5 years, and when he emerged, he was still a rat.


*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

United Kingdom

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